White House Tries to Discredit FORBES Over Obama Cover Story

Human Events has learned that the White House raked Forbes magazine’s White House bureau chief over the coals yesterday for a story Forbes ran by respected conservative and New York Times bestselling author Dinesh D’Souza.  Sources tell us the White House attempted to get the nation’s #1 business magazine to back away from its cover story titled, “How Obama Thinks.”

The Forbes article is derived from D’Souza’s upcoming book The Roots of Obama’s Rage (Regnery, a sister company to  Even though the book won’t be in stores until next week, left-leaning media and politicos have already joined forces in pointed attacks against it. 

The Obama war room kicked into high gear after Forbes published a cover story by D’Souza, outlining why Obama is bad for business.  The article includes some highlights from the new book, including D’Souza’s take that to understand how Obama thinks, one must first understand Obama’s philosophical roots.  D’Souza asserts Obama’s philosophical roots aren’t racial, and they’re not socialist in the traditional sense, but anti-colonialist–a philosophy that demands weak countries be strengthened at the expense of the strong.  D’Souza points out this philosophy was strongly asserted by Obama’s Harvard-educated, Kenyan father in papers and articles he authored.   

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich read the Forbes article and declared it was, “the most profound insight I have read in the last six years about Barack Obama.” 

And that’s when the fireworks really started.  Referring to the Gingrich quote, George Stephanopoulos threw out an absurdly out-of-context question at White House spokesmen Robert Gibbs, clearly baiting Gibbs and intending to slam Gingrich and D’Souza’s thesis as racist.  Gibbs took the bait and lowered the bar even further by making a wild leap asserting that Gingrich (and D’Souza’s thesis) were somehow joining forces with the “birthers.”  (Which, by the way, could not be further from the truth as both Gingrich and D’Souza believe the president was born in Hawaii.)

Not satisfied with the Stephanopoulos/Gibbs smear, White House fellow traveler, Maureen Dowd, went certifiably “nuts”with a column attacking Gingrich and D’Souza in a NYT column on September 14.  The left-leaning blogosphere lit up, marching in lock step with the message from the White House.

But the White House wasn’t finished yet, they went full tilt yesterday when, Human Events learned, the White House called in Forbes Washington Bureau Chief, Brian Wingfield, to read him the riot act. We hear there’s more to come. Stay tuned…