The Time Is Now

So, the day is finally here. Congressional Republicans have unveiled their plan, the plan that they have been saying for months upon months will be their governing document if (and when, by some estimates) they take majority control of Congress from the bumbling Democrats.

The 21-page policy paper is full of phenomenal rhetoric, the same rhetoric that the Republicans have been preaching since 2008, when the leftist tsunami forced them to the sidelines of congressional debate. But there are glaring omissions, such as how they will “put government on a path to a balanced budget.” Call me skeptic, but I remain slightly concerned that come January, and if the GOP are indeed the majority, that you will see all talk, and no walk.

The Left is on the run. Vulnerable Democrats are running farther and farther away from the President, Pelosi and Reid. Heck, they won’t even let them stump for them on the campaign trail. So, the message to the GOP is simple. The American people want to see sensible solutions. They want to see action. It’s put up or shut up time. The time is now.

My skepticism stems from what I saw in the last term of the Bush presidency and the current term of Barack Obama. President Bush expanded the federal budget by $700 billion through 2008, but projections have Barry and his cronies adding another $1 trillion. Moreover, as we recall, Bush began the bailouts, first with TARP and then with the $17.4 billion hand-out to Detroit and the auto industry. And, once President Obama arrived, he continued with bailouts of Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, AIG, and Bank of America. As we have seen from the Bush years, Republicans spent a lot of money and come November, if the GOP regains the purse strings, they might be enticed to continue the ways of their predecessors due to the pressure that comes from being in control of the checkbook.

And, when it comes to healthcare, what more can you say? The healthcare bill that was reamed down all of our throats has been torn apart to shreds by countless non-partisan organizations as a lie perpetrated by Obama and the Leftist Congressional Contingent. As Emily Miller pointed out yesterday, premiums have gone up. Child-only plans are going out the window from huge insurance agencies such as Anthem Blue Cross and Aetna. And, let’s not forget about all that clamoring from the Left over how small businesses will not see a tax increase. That’s just simply not the case. But, the question remains, how will congressional Republicans be able to stop this monster? They talk about repeal, but it would take another broad sweeping reform package. Do these representatives have the stomach to go through another battle like that? I really hope so.

How about this for a “pledge”? A fidelity & commitment to the Constitution. The portion of the Pledge that asks for any pending legislation to point out where in the Constitution the legislation gets it’s validity is a nice step. Just act on it. It’s a sad state of affairs in our government where we HAVE to delineate that.

At the unveiling of the “Pledge to America” this morning in Sterling, Va., Rep. Kevin McCarthy said that, “The land of opportunity has become the land of shrinking prosperity … Our government has failed us.” Indeed, Kevin it has. But, now the ball is in your court. Get to it.