Tea Party is Not Causing a Civil War, Stupid!

The uprising by Tea Party-backed candidates is sending shock waves through the rank-and-file liberal elites. They can’t believe it. Not only are they allowing their short-lived victory of controlling the White House and Capitol Hill slip away, but they are allowing the people they hate the most take it from them.

Their only resource to combat 300,000 people on the Mall to restore honor, or $2 million raised in one week by Christine O’Donnell since her Delaware upset, is to create the idea that there is a Civil War in the Republican Party.

Cartoon courtesy of Brett Noel

Civil War is far from the current state of the Republican Party. Instead, it is more like what happens when your brother forgets to pick you up from work. It’s like when you have a tee time set up for Saturday morning at 8 a.m. and your buddy texts you at 10 p.m. on Friday night to cancel, leaving you with his green fees. You don’t go to war, maybe a fat lip, but not war.

These clowns on the Left know that their only chance to save the sinking ship is to divide and conquer. If they marginalize the massive support coming from the Tea Party and pit them against the Republican establishment then they have developed a fabricated theme of duress.

Let’s get something straight right now: The majority of Tea Party supporters are conservatives who are sick and tired of watching the United States be fundamentally changed. They are intelligent creators of wealth. Small-business owners, big business employees, mothers, fathers and hard-working Americans who will never go hungry because they have resolve.

Tea Partiers are not separate from the Republican Party, they are the Republican Party. The new face of the GOP. What you see happening is intelligent passionate people doing what they do when they feel like they don’t have a say. They are making their voices heard. They are don’t-mess-with-us Americans who don’t get taken by a door-to-door salesman and can’t be told how they feel. They have conviction.

Those in the media who so avidly cover the anti-war protests cannot understand rallies held by people who are sane and peaceful. They can’t comprehend why people would join forces to save this great land, to keep the United States a world super power and to perpetuate freedom. Conservatives are unapologetic, liberals plead with the enemy for forgiveness. They live in fear, conservatives conquer it.

So, liberals across the television dial are screaming civil war. It is their only shot. Driving a wedge in their opponent is their Hail Mary. They can’t defeat Angle, O’Donnell, Miller or Paladino with intimidation because these Americans cannot be intimidated. They aren’t fighting for their political livelihood, they are fighting for their country. If they lose they will work like they always have. The will be producers not second-handers.

Usually just as liberals are about to lose, they are like the bully in a bar fight. They aim for the crotch. They want to swing and run and leave licking their wounds, blaming everyone else for starting the fight.

The problem this time is that Republicans aren’t at war, they are united as ever. Don’t let the coward start a fight in the family. Don’t let the liberal lies become the truth. Don’t let them win by default. Make them earn it, because if history is any guide the weak liberal will always give up the fight and the conservatives will be the ones left shouldering the burden. A burden they are more than happy to bear.