Health Reform Report: "Real Facts, Trusted Analysis???

Last week in this newsletter, I discussed the challenges ahead as we try to implement the policies of the 2010 healthcare law. As I wrote, many of the policies created under the law are unsustainable, and the long-term challenge ahead will be to replace them with policies that work.

In the meantime, the Center for Health Transformation has developed a brand new comprehensive website to help every American track the ramifciations of the law.

It’s called Health Reform Report and you can find it at

The mission of Health Reform Report is simple: to provide real facts about the healthcare law and trusted analysis about how changes will affect individuals, doctors, hospitals, employers and more.

Thursday, September 23 marks the six-month anniversary of President Obama signing into law the massive, big government, bureaucratic healthcare overhaul he and Congressional Democrats rammed through Congress. The law contains nearly 500 deadlines that must be met through 2020.

Every Day, More Regulations

This six-month anniversary marks the date on which several major provisions take effect.
These include forcing insurance companies to allow adult children up to age 26 to remain on their parents’ plans (which will increase premiums for all individuals), elimination of annual and lifetime limits on essential health benefits, and prohibiting insurance companies from not paying for a child’s preexisting condition.

These provisions are just several of the hundreds that the Congressional Budget Office has determined will raise premiums for everyone and move America along the path toward government-controlled healthcare. With every passing day, new regulations are being written around this destructive law.

As we approach each deadline within the healthcare bill, Health Reform Report will not only provide tracking tools and charts to guide you through the red tape, the site will provide breaking news stories and opinion pieces written by expert contributors about the health reform law and what’s still needed to transform health.

Keeping everyone informed on the latest health news and updates is paramount as we move toward November’s midterm elections. Congressional Republicans indicated this week that they will seek to freeze funding on various components of Obamacare should they win back control of the House. This would significantly affect the law’s implementation, setting up a showdown as we move toward the 2012 presidential election.

Health Reform Report will include breaking news on this and many other developments throughout the election cycle and beyond.

10 Million New Voters: “The Power of Ten”

Speaking of elections, we are less than six weeks away from the midterms. 

Yesterday at, I announced our exciting new voter mobilization project at American Solutions. 

It’s called The Power of Ten and our goal is to help mobilize 10 million new voters needed to elect candidates who support job creation policies this November. 

Why 10 million? 

In 1994 and 2006, a swing of 10 million voters led to a change in control of Congress. In 1994, Republicans gained nearly 9 million voters from the previous mid-term election while nearly one million Democrats stayed home, resulting in a 10 million vote swing that led to Republicans picking up 54 seats in the House and control of Congress for the first time in nearly a half century.

In 2006, a similar 10 million vote swing allowed Democrats to recapture the House and Senate.

So in 2010, mobilizing 10 million voters in support of job creation policies will be more important than ever. 

While 10 million may seem like a daunting number, the Power of 10 begins with one person wanting to save their country, and doing something about it. Simply put, the Power of 10 begins with you.

To get started, every person should visit, where he or she can make a difference in the following ways:

• Pledge to vote in November for job creators.
• Recruit 10 friends by email to vote for job creators.
• Make 10 phone calls to recruit voters for job creators.
• Knock on 10 doors and explain the need to vote for job creators.
• Get email addresses of 10 likely voters for job creators.
• Solicit donations of $10 to support the effort to elect job creators.

We hope you will join us in working to mobilize ten million voters and send a clear message to every candidate and elected official in America: If you support jobs, we will vote for you. If you voted to kill jobs, we will vote against you.

Your Friend,

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