Audio: Little Tiny Hitler Comes to Town

Hitler’s in town this week.  Oops, we’re sorry.  Are you a limpy, oversensitive Republican who doesn’t like it when the word “Hitler” enters the discussion?  Does that cross the line? Too bad!  Iran’s dictator, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is coming to New York City this week for his annual Mullahgasm at the United Nations General Assembly. 

Indeed, Hitler is in town.  Ponder this for a moment.  If all goes well in the years to come, and if President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg get their wish, then the tyrant of Tehran will have a mosque at Ground Zero for him to pray at during his visits!  Three cheers for tolerance, because if there’s one thing all Holocaust Deniers need, it’s a place to wash feet, drop trou, and pray!  Click the player below to hear the little ditty that commemorates his visit:

09-20 LITTLE TINY HITLER by HumanEvents