Harry Reid a DREAM Deceiver

If expanding abortions at military bases and turning the U.S. military into a gay rights social engineering experiment weren’t bad enough, Senate Democrats now plan to shoehorn amnesty for illegal aliens into the defense authorization bill.

With Democrats anxious to leave Washington for the campaign trail where they hope to blunt the damage from the coming elections, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has thrown a monkey wrench in the legislative works. He intends to amend the fiscal 2011 defense authorization with the DREAM Act amnesty.

This political hot potato may well blow up in Democrats’ faces. After all, the DREAM Act would legalize more than 2 million illegal aliens. In other words, that’s amnesty for almost a fifth of the estimated illegal population.  That’s huge!

The DREAM Act is like awarding in-state college tuition to illegal aliens. It gives away a benefit no American-born citizen can obtain. This Reid amnesty amendment treats a subset of illegal aliens better than it treats native-born Americans, who face their own challenges paying for a college education. The illegals can get student loans and federal work-study grants under DREAM.

The deceit surrounding this legislation is disgusting. Proponents of DREAM are trying to sell it by painting a false picture. They claim the illegal aliens who’d benefit from DREAM are all children and teenagers brought to the United States at an early age. They’ve never known Mexico or Honduras or wherever, and only their immigration status stands between them and achieving the American dream, we’re told.

The push for DREAM has been accompanied for weeks by a barrage of media artillery. The sob stories about kids who can’t get into college because of being illegal immigrants have abounded in news outlets across the country. Many illegals have launched media stunts, lobbying visits and the like.

This campaign, which teed up Harry Reid’s ploy, plays on the public’s emotions. It’s standard operating procedure for the open-borders lobby.

Cartoon courtesy of Brett Noel

Reality check: The DREAM Act is written so broadly, there’s no way it would be limited to children. It’s loophole-ridden by design. The DREAM Act amounts to a bait-and-switch— selling a limited legalization for the most sympathetic cases but enacting an amnesty for adults up to age 35 (see S. 729 Section 4(a)(1)(F)).

Illegal aliens are supposed to have been present in the United States continuously for five years and were supposedly younger than 16 when they initially entered this country. Thus, they might have illegally entered the country and then left for years, only illegally returning about five years ago around age 30. But who really knows?

Center for Immigration Studies analyst Jon Feere notes of DREAM, “There is no requirement that illegal aliens be anyone’s progeny; if they do have parents, however, those parents—even if overseas—would also be put ‘on a path to citizenship’ because of existing chain migration laws that allow legalized illegal aliens to bring in their extended family members.”

DREAM invites massive fraud, as occurred under the 1986 amnesty. This legislation leaves unaddressed how someone is supposed to prove his age. Feere points out these illegals lack U.S. birth certificates. The government will largely have to take the word of applicants. There’s no solid proof required of amnesty applicants.

Even if DREAM were tightened, made fraudproof and targeted at truly deserving children brought here early and who been in this country all their lives, DREAM still suffers a major flaw. 

It doesn’t hold the illegal alien parents who put their kids in this predicament accountable. It continues the chain migration system, through which legalized aliens can eventually sponsor many more millions distant relatives for immigration visas. How is it fair to Americans to reward even a subset of illegals with the right to bring in aunts, uncles and cousins ad infinitum?

Amnesty DREAMers can be criminals. The legislation says these illegal aliens may not have been convicted of an aggravated felony or three or more misdemeanors. The fact these aliens have been charged with a slew of crimes wouldn’t keep them from legalization.

The legislation also gives Homeland Security broad discretion in dealing with DREAM cases—as long as the discretion favors amnesty applicants. DHS can grant certain exceptions and extend deadlines for the illegals.

“The DREAM Act is a nightmare for the American people,” says Texas Rep. Lamar Smith, the senior Republican on the House Judiciary Committee. “It is an assault on law-abiding, taxpaying American citizens and legal immigrants.”

Trying to attach the DREAM amnesty to the defense bill abuses the Senate process, insults our armed services and crams a fraud magnet that will legalize millions of illegal aliens down America’s throat— all by deception. Disgusting, Senator Reid.