Top 10 Radical Positions taken by Ground Zero Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf

1. In a “60 Minutes” interview on Sept. 30, 2001, Rauf called the United States an accessory to the 9/11 attacks.

2. During a 2005 lecture at the Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre in Australia, Rauf accused the U.S. of having more innocent blood on its hands than al Qaeda.

3. In the same 2005 lecture, Rauf pointed to the West as being responsible for much of the injustice in the Muslim world.

4. In a radio interview with Aaron Klein on 77WABC, Rauf skirted around the issue of Hamas, refusing to call it a terrorist organization.

5. The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Rauf in March 2004 saying that Christians have been more deadly than Muslims: “The Islamic method of waging war is not to kill innocent civilians. But it was Christians in World War II who bombed civilians in Dresden and Hiroshima, neither of which were military targets.”

6. During an overseas lecture, Rauf pointed to what he saw as the reasonableness of a one-state solution to the Israeli-Palestine conflict, claiming that it is, “more coherent than a two-state solution.”

7. Rauf claimed in the 2001 “60 Minutes” interview that Osama Bin Laden is a product of the United States and its policies.

8. At a pro-Palestinian conference in early 2010, Rauf said there was strong evidence supporting the claim that the 9/11 attacks were staged.

9. At the same conference, Rauf states that the Jews survived the Holocaust to be a source of even greater problems for the world.

10. While in Australia, Rauf spoke of the 72 virgins awaiting suicide bombers, and said paradise is a place of “sexual companionship to your heart’s content.”