Rush Limbaugh: O'Donnell's Democrat Opponent a Sitting Duck

Much has been said about the exchange between Karl Rove and Sean Hannity Tuesday night after Christine O’Donnell pulled off a stunning upset victory over Rep. Mike Castle (RINO-Del.) in the Senate Republican primary. 

I think Hannity was as floored as the rest of the conservative world.  He and Rove are slated for a rematch today.  I’ll be tuned in!

Rush Limbaugh stepped into the fray, blistering Rove on his program while pointing out O’Donnell’s Democrat opponent in the race is a self-described Marxist.  Not that we would have learned that sort of tidbit from Rove.  He was too busy using his valuable analyst airtime trashing the conservative in the race.

From Rush’s Wednesday show transcript:

RUSH LIMBAUGH:  You know, it’s such a shame today. It’s such a shame that Harry Reid can’t call Mike Castle and start asking him to switch parties like he did with Jumpin’ Jim Jeffords and Arlen Specter.  Christine O’Donnell, I like what I hear of this woman.  She was on Fox & Friends today.  She was everywhere.  She referred to Castle as “an Obama Republican.”  That’s exactly what he is, exactly what he was! He’s an Obama Republican.  Christine O’Donnell came up with that, and according to all the Wizards of Smart on our side, it was Mike Castle — only Mike Castle! — that could beat the Democrat in November. By the way, this Democrat is a Marxist.  I mean, there’s a joke going around that here’s a bearded Marxist or Marxist with a beard. He describes himself that way!  This guy is a sitting duck.

They said only Mike Castle could beat this guy.  Mike Castle couldn’t even beat a woman with all this character rectitude, all this baggage that has been labeled on her and dumped on her.  Castle couldn’t even beat here and Castle is the guy that ran the negative campaign.  Delaware’s not used to negative campaigns.  You know what? When people hear Karl and others talk about whatever baggage Christine O’Donnell has, let me tell you people in Washington something.  Everybody in the country thinks all of you are corrupt!  So Mike Castle is not innocent.  He’s not clean and pure as the wind-driven snow. So when you Republicans start talking about all the baggage Christine O’Donnell has, you’re going to have to understand that voters around the country think all of you have baggage and voters around the country understand what it is to run up against a bureaucracy, a federal bureaucracy.

All these problems that she has, paying off loans and so forth? Who the hell doesn’t?  Who the hell hasn’t had a run-in with the IRS?  So she’s had a run-in with the IRS.  That’s a resume enhancement to a lot of people!  The government is the enemy here to a lot of people.  The government needs to be downsized. The government’s too intrusive. The government is chipping away at personal liberty, private property rights and so forth.  The people of this country do not view Washington as a way to promote politicians.  It’s not a place where chairmanships are the reward.  So Castle is going to run around and talk about baggage, and all these other Republicans want to recite the baggage that Christine O’Donnell has, fine and dandy.  Let’s hear you talking about the baggage that Charlie Rangel has. Let’s hear you talk about the baggage that Harry Reid has or that any of these Democrats have, the baggage that Clinton had and has.  Somehow it only disqualifies Christine O’Donnell?  This is reminiscent of 1994 but in one distinct way: Voters are not gonna react to all these charges of character rectitude because, in their minds, every politician’s got a character problem.  It’s part and parcel of being one.

More of  the transcript is available on Rush’s website.