Better Off Dead

I’m sorry, but the killing of James Lee, the Discovery Channel gunman who took several employees hostage, was the only option for that sick individual.  Over time we have seen many James Lees and the lives they’ve destroyed in pursuit of their twisted outlook on life.  Imagine in past hostage situations the police had responded in a similar manner, how many innocent people and by standers would be alive today.  While we believe there is a time and place for negotiating with mental head cases that take people hostage, still we can never know the loss of lives with that tactic until the smoke clears.

Special thanks go out to the Montgomery County officers and SWAT members who thought it better to shoot first and later ask questions about what kind of device Lee had strapped to his person during those intense hours.  Often Law Enforcement officials are blamed and second guessed when people in these situations lose their lives for no reason. We also know that even in the James Lee matter their quick decision to shoot could have had severe consequences.  In the final analysis though, their quick thinking and judgment from past experiences may have saved hundreds of lives from injury, death and destruction.  Going forward, when we as countrymen are faced with hostile situations of this magnitude it would be wise if possible to subdue or eliminate the perpetrator.  This principle should apply in cases where it was later learned that their threats and actions would not have led to innocent people dying.

The politico in me, however, can’t help but think of this gunman’s social views of the world.  Apparently, Lee was no stranger to the Discovery Channel, and a vocal critic of its programming.  He condemned human reproduction, and argued instead that we all should be “sterilized” to control the population.  History has taught us that individuals, who isolate themselves from the reality of the world, can justify any behavior, including killing and destroying our way of life.  All one needs to do is look back to the loss of innocent lives in this country on 9-11 and how this behavior continues around the world and is still justified by well educated people.  We need to take every precaution, from everyday citizen to law enforcement to make sure that we’re always on the alert for these patterns.  It is our duty as citizens to report this insane behavior or the purchase of materials that would carry out their illusion to law enforcement immediately.

According to several news accounts, Lee wanted to save the planet by decreasing the human population.  He once wrote, “Humans are the most destructive, filthy, pollutive [sic] creatures around and are wrecking what’s left of the planet with their false morals and breeding culture.” Isn’t it strange that the Discovery Channel was well aware of Lee, his writings, picketing, threats and chose to not pursue him, because he wasn’t taken serious.  Imagine if Lee were able to carry out his wish list of destroying infrastructures and lives to make his point and leave another legacy of another American gone mad.

I haven’t seen any media outlet try to draw parallels to Lee as an “environmental extremist” or someone from the Far Left.  Someone who represents the views of those who feel humans are part of the ecological problem, even if they don’t act on those views in such violent ways.

Out of bounds?  It wasn’t that long ago when incidents involving a shooting at an abortion clinic prompted a few from the Left to link the zealot with the “far Right” conservative movement.  Arguments from MSNBC and CNN talking heads that this extremist brand of justice threatened the safety and welfare of citizens thinly disguised their earnestness to make anyone who feared God as one dip away from nihilistic violence. 

A double standard?  I think so.  The media and Discovery Channel Executive should have held Lee to the same standard, regardless of his political affiliation and advocacy.  This could have easily become the next Oklahoma City bombing, where day care centers and other industries were also tenants in the Discovery building.  Did you see the fear, anxiety and fear on the faces of the tenants as they evacuated the premises?  Terrorist’s greatest weapon is to play upon the fears of the innocent.  When all tenants finally return to their place of work, the environment and comfort they once had will never be the same for them unfortunately.

Either way, Lee was clearly unfit for this planet.  For the safety of us all, he’s better off dead.  James Lee and the many that have and continue attempting to emulate his behavior, are better off dead than the innocents who die for no reason.  They were in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and on the wrong day in which they paid a huge cost for the unfortunate timing in their lives.  While their loved ones live on to bear the pain and anguish, it seems as though these acts of terror continue to happen with little or no interruption.  Maybe the day will come when our government will trust we the people enough to give us the freedom to bear arms in the work place for our own protection and safety.