Shame at Ground Zero

What a pathetic statement that ugly hole at Ground Zero represented for so long about how far America has fallen.

For the first eight years after 9/11 there was nothing but a hole where the Twin Towers once stood. To put this in perspective, it only took four years to build the Twin Towers.

Finally and fortunately, construction is now underway to build One World Trade Center. The steel frame of the building is now roughly 38 stories high. Salute.

However late, progress is good. Unfortunately, there was too little progress for eight years after the Twin Towers were knocked down by religious voodoo kooks who believed Allah enjoys slaughtering innocent people.

The hole at Ground Zero symbolized everything wrong with America. Reams and reams of Fedzilla red tape, too many Fedzillacrats and unaccountable agencies, too many state and local agencies and organizations tripping over each other accomplishing nothing, and too little American ingenuity and “can do” spirit.

Time was America led the world in blazing new industrial trails and building mammoth projects that caused the world to stop and gasp in amazement. When something needed to be done, we rolled up our sleeves and got after it with a singular goal of achieving what needed to be done.

For example, we built the Empire State Building in 18 months; the Hoover Dam in five years. The section of the Pentagon destroyed during 9/11 was repaired in a little over a year; it took only 16 months to build the entire Pentagon.

Nine years later there is a steel frame standing 38 stories high. That’s unacceptable regardless as to the reasons why.

Rebuilding—or lack thereof—at Ground Zero should be used as an example in every business school in America as to how to not get things done. It is a case study in dumb.

America is strangled by reams of numerous Fedzilla agencies, guidelines, policies and requirements that do little to make American business efficient, cost-effective and most importantly, profitable. There are numerous ugly examples of Fedzilla smothering a private-sector project with tremendously burdensome and dumb requirements that do nothing but kill prosperity. By the way, best of luck with President Obama’s socialized medicine program and Fedzilla’s Wall Street Reform.

During the discussions about how to create more jobs and get the economy moving in a positive direction again, eliminating many of these Fedzilla unnecessary agencies, regulations and restrictions must be on the table and up front. But they won’t be discussed at all by current regimes of Fedzillacrats in power. Let’s hope the GOP does much better when they take back the reins of power.

America can do better, must do better. We have the business acumen, talent and entrepreneurial spirit to accomplish anything we want. Our history has proven that time and again.

What we also have is a crop of politicians with zero skills or experience in the private sector who actually believe they know best how to grow the economy. They are clueless unless you advocate starting bonfires with stacks of taxpayer-provided hundred dollar bills. Yeah, that’s the ticket to prosperity.

A second stimulus is not going to get the economy moving again and put Americans back to work. All that will do is put America in an even deeper financial hole. A fundamental Nugism: When you find yourself in a hole, quit digging.

The key to prosperity is American exceptionalism and free-market forces. Always has been and always will be. Contrary to what big-government numskulls believe, Fedzilla is not the engine of prosperity in America. Fedzilla smothers innovation, prosperity and entrepreneurialism.

The government that governs least governs best. Fedzilla and the sons of Fedzilla at the state and local level need to get out of the way of progress so America can grow again.

Unshackling ourselves from the ball and chain of Fedzilla would be the proper and positive memorial to 9/11.