Media Mayhem on 9/11

If you are unlucky enough to have your TV dial fall on most networks you will quickly see a massive onslaught on America. The lead story on almost every single station is the wacko Florida pastor who wanted to plan a Koran-burning day.

From live reporters to feature packages to even Terry Moran of ABC News sitting down with the psycho giving him a platform, the media has made this nut job mainstream. They are using this one crazy as the conservative mouthpiece for all those who oppose the mosque near Ground Zero.

I don’t know about you, but that pastor does not speak for me! The networks are coupling him in with the anti-Ground Zero mosque movement so they can spin Americans as intolerant bigots who are loaded with cultural bias. It is a typical power-play by the left-wing media who want nothing more than America to feel sorry for who we are and to try to paint us all as unintelligent rednecks.

The media is using these debates as a tool to divide on us on a day when America should be brought together. 9/11 is a day of unity and a day we stand tall as one proud nation against those who want to see us destroyed. This is not a day to snag ratings or push your political agenda.

9/11 is not a day to apologize to the world. It is a day for the world to apologize to us. Somehow the liberal media does not understand how to have the heart of a patriot. They really think appeasement is their best weapon. They do not realize that while they’re appealing to the enemy, THEY are the ones putting our troops in danger.

A perfect example of the liberal media’s plan is CNN putting the “peaceful bridge-building” Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf on air the other night. The Left is so petrified of instigating terrorists that they are doing everything in their power to appease them. The media feels that if they can condemn Americans then the terrorists will back-off and say, “Ehh, they’re not so bad.”

Why else would they allow this imam to go on prime-time television giving the United States an ultimatum while he refuses to move the Ground Zero mosque.

Joining the imam love-fest was ABC’s Christiane Amanpour who also accepted a threat from the imam. Rauf said to her, “My major concern with moving it is that the headline in Muslim world will be ‘Islam is under attack in America.’ This will strengthen radicals, help their recruitment, put troops, citizens and embassies under attack in the world and expand and fuel terrorism.”

How is that peaceful? Why is it okay for people to desecrate our country and have a platform in our country to do so? It is absolutely sickening that they try to paint passionate patriotic Americans like Tea Partiers as evil and at the same time give this guy the microphone to literally threaten us.

This all goes back to the difference between liberals and conservatives (besides intelligence, of course)—President Obama believes an attack will happen no matter what you do, it only matters how you react to it. President Bush took a much different approach—he thought if you remove the threat altogether, then there is no one to attack you.

I would guarantee the latter approach is more popular in this country, but all you can find on the airwaves is pompous liberals bloviating about American intolerance while our enemies are calculating their next attack.

The debate over a mosque doesn’t leave America open to another attack, but giving extremists a stage—and making it sound as if that is how all Americans think—does. This pastor has no voice without the leftist media giving him one, and this imam has no following without them putting him on prime-time.

Someday the media will be victims of their own divisiveness—hopefully they realize it before it comes at the hands of terrorists.