Michelle Obama's Changing Image

When Barack Obama became the Democratic Party’s candidate for President, he was helped by myriads of supporters who played on the “white guilt” still rampant in parts of our population.

Thus, while the official campaign used radio, television, and the Internet to set forth Obama’s policy positions, an unofficial word-of-mouth campaign, carried forth by “Obama Zombies” and civil rights leaders, told us it was about time we elected our “first African-American President,” and that Obama was fulfilling the dream of Martin Luther King Jr.

By the time all was said and done, Obama benefited from the racial overtones, and from the herd mentality that resulted from wanting to see this country redeem itself from a racially charged past (a past we were told we could escape by electing a black man). Therefore, voters literally looked past Obama’s socialistic-policy promises and clung to the color of his skin.

Michelle Obama benefitted from these things as well. While her husband was ascending from the lowly position of community organizer to the hallowed post of commander-in-chief, Mrs. Obama was being hailed as the next Jacqueline Kennedy by the gals of “The View.” She was on the cover of Vogue magazine, her “well-defined biceps” were praised by the Huffington Post’s Bonnie Fuller, and Wall Street Journal fashion writer Teri Agins even described her as a “Baby Boomer Pinup Girl.”

Bloggers went crazy describing the elegance of the dress Mrs. Obama wore to her husband’s inauguration. They couldn’t get over the fact that the “raw silk” garment was valued at $3,510, as if those fortunate enough to brush up against Mrs. Obama at an Inaugural Ball were brushing up against true royalty. How quickly they forgot that the only reputation she had prior to becoming first lady was that of being “abrasive.” (Times Online, UK)

To put it simply, Mrs. Obama could do no wrong. And for the first full year of her husband’s presidency, she was everywhere presented to the American public as an exemplifier of beauty and fashion.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the 2010 mid-term elections. On the heels of a stimulus package that didn’t stimulate, healthcare reform that socializes medicine in this country, and a financial reform bill that gives the government expanded powers of regulation over our money (and our lives), the American people decided to shelve their “white guilt” and fight Marxism once more. As a consequence of this, President Obama’s approval numbers have plummeted, the Republicans are poised to dominate in the November elections, and Mrs. Obama just isn’t that pretty anymore.

That’s right, the bloom is off the rose: Mrs. Obama is rarely described in the glowing terms that were used to describe her during 2008 and 2009. And while a lot of this is due to her husband’s socialism, her nearly $400,000 Spanish vacation didn’t help matters either.

And of course we can’t overlook the fact that Mrs. Obama never was pinup material to begin with. Like her husband’s “hope and change,” the beauty the media fawned over in Mrs. Obama wasn’t real from the start. It was simply a mirage in the harsh and graceless climate that is her real self.