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Well, does it?


I Think This Means The Terrorists Have Won

Well, does it?

This is a shot of the top of Google News right now.

If korans are burned in Florida by some moron preacher, the terrorists will get new recruits.

If the Ground Zero Mosque is moved in New York, the terrorists will get new recruits.

In other words, we either bow to the demands and wishes of radical Islamists or else.

This is madness. No. This is Barack Obama’s Arica. 

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Erick Erickson is the Editor-in-Chief of RedState. His RedState Morning Briefing stays ahead of competition by delivering breaking news at 5AM every weekday to an audience that includes everyone from grassroots activists to talk radio hosts, television pundits, and print journalists. Erickson also appears regularly as a contributor on Fox News and has a nightly radio program on WSB in Atlanta.

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