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Major mosques are being planned across America.


Mega Mosque Nation

Major mosques are being planned across America.

The controversy raging around the proposed mega-mosque at Ground Zero is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are currently no less than ten major mosque projects being planned from coast-to-coast: from New York to Wisconsin to California and beyond. Plans for three other mosques, in Staten Island, Kentucky and Illinois, were recently denied. Several of the projects are being planned right next door to, or directly across the street from, Christian churches.

I recently paid a visit to one Tennessee town where locals are fighting plans to build a massive, multi-million dollar Islamic Center on 15.2 acres of land.

Like at Ground Zero, major questions have been raised in Tennessee, chief among them: Where is the money coming from to fund this very expensive project? And what is the ideology of the mosque’s leaders, at least one of whom has openly supported Hamas?

You can watch my report by clicking on the viewer below.

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Erick Stakelbeck is a correspondent and terrorism analyst for the Christian Broadcasting Network's Washington, D.C., bureau. His new bi-weekly show, "Stakelbeck on Terror," can be seen at

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