The Curious Case of the Missing Obama Birth Certificate

After much deliberation, millions of phone calls from fans, and a letter writing campaign spanning across all 50 states, FRX has resigned itself to the will of the people, and launched an investigation into the missing Obama birth certificate…and what we have found will astound you.  Our journey took us from the top of Mount Waialeale in Hawaii, to a Jew-eating madrassa in Indonesia, to a headshrinker’s mud-hut in Kenya, and then, finally, back to Chicago.  It was there in the Windy City that we found our answers, and the search was complete. 

There have been lawsuits and conspiracies that have kept the mystery of President Obama’s birth shrouded in secrecy, but all of that ends here, today. 

There will be no more questions. 

Just one unmistakable truth. 

Remember: it’s not FRX that’s irrefutable; it’s the facts.  And now, if you click the player below, the true identity of the 44th President of the United States will be revealed.

The Curious Case of the Missing Obama Birth Certificate by HumanEvents