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Bush’s Katrina response rates higher than Obama during Gulf oil spill.


Louisiana Poll: Bush Tops Obama in Disaster Response

Bush’s Katrina response rates higher than Obama during Gulf oil spill.

A new poll shows more Louisiana residents approved of the job President George W. Bush did helping the state in crisis than President Obama.

When asked whether George W. Bush or Barack Obama had done a better job helping Louisiana deal with a crisis, 54% of respondents said Bush, while only 33% said Obama. Six percent said they weren’t sure. 

It gets even worse for Obama. Sixty-one percent disapprove of how he handled the aftermath of the oil spill, and only 32% approve. In contrast, 44% approved of how Bush handled Hurricane Katrina aftermath and only 47% disapproved.

The poll, released Friday, was conducted August 21-22 by Public Policy Polling and surveyed 403 likely voters. Interestingly, the polling company’s clientele seems to be fairly liberal—clients include the North Carolina Sierra Club, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund of Central NC and the North Carolina Democrat Party.

Fourteen percent of those who took the poll described themselves as liberal, 36% as moderate, and 50% as conservative. However, 44% identified themselves as Democrat and 45% as Republican.

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