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Have we reached that point yet?


Video: Civil Disobedience in the Age of Obama?

Have we reached that point yet?

In the next installment of his exclusive interview with HUMAN EVENTS, bestselling author David Limbaugh discussed the recourse Americans have to counter Barack’s unconstitutional power grabs. Does it involve civil disobedience?

As Limbaugh observes, while conservatives adopt peaceful organizing as the vehicle to voice their opposition, leftists have reverted to thuggery and violence as their form of protest. Can you say, SEIU? But the toolbags in the Justice Dept. aren’t monitoring union goons. Nope, they’re eyeing conservative bloggers. Seriously. Take it away, Mr. Limbaugh:

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Mr. Mattera is the editor-at-large of HUMAN EVENTS and the author of the New York Times bestseller Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation (Simon & Schuster). He also hosts The Jason Mattera Show on News Talk Radio 77WABC. Previously, he was the Spokesman for Young America's Foundation and a TV correspondent for Michelle Malkin. Follow Jason on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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