Audio: Elementary My Dear Bama

When great leaders die, it is accustomed in almost every culture to honor their legacy by naming something after them or even erecting a statue in their honor.  We repeat: that’s for great leaders who are chosen so by a free society. In tyrannical regimes, this happens a bit quicker. 

In fact, things get named after dictators almost immediately: things such as “The Mao Zedong Porta-Potty” or the “Fidel Castro Cow Insemination Device.”  And so, in this great tradition we give you “The Barack Obama Elementary School,” which opened its doors this week in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.  Can’t you already smell the geniuses that this place will turn out?  It makes FRX wonder how many US naval officers per year request a transfer off of the Seawolf-class submarine named the USS Jimmy Carter.  The school is being touted as being an environmentally “green” school with a “red” curriculum. 

And if you click the player, you can hear all of the colorful propaganda the school has to offer:

Elementary My Dear by HumanEvents