300 Million American Victims

September 11, 2001, did not have 3,000 victims; it had 300 million.

Americans were not ‘disheartened, traumatized and hurt’ by this act of war on the part of Muslim terrorists, we were angry, in fact, enraged, and we responded in kind, and will continue to do so.  We do not need community service days and sensitivity sessions to help us respond to these acts of terrorism; we know that we need to get rid of the people who did this to us, by whatever means, and who will continue to try to do more of the same.

Unfortunately, the President of the United States does not understand what the American people do.

President Barack Hussein Obama spoke at a White House dinner recently in favor of the construction of a Muslim mosque at the site of the murder of over 3000 Americans on September 11, 2001, by Islamic terrorists, and he used our Constitution, actually a distortion thereof, to justify this decision.  This event was held at the peoples’ house, and was actually the second such event in Obama’s almost two years as President honoring the medieval Muslim practice of ‘Ramadan.’  This, one assumes now-annual celebration by our current President, occurs in large part to praise the freedom of religion in America, a policy applied by our current leader particularly to our Muslim brethen.  This application of our Founders’ rules, of course, seems not to apply to our nation’s Christian practitioners, as, in a single among many examples thereof, the decades-old Christian tradition of the National Prayer Breakfast has not yet been attended by Obama; it has actually been altogether cancelled by his order.

Why doesn’t he just come out of his thinly disguised closet, put on his djaalabeeya or delejiyya and turban, or whatever the things these murderous misogynists wear, and live his true allegiance.  The man is an Islamist who hates everything American and will continue to destroy everything we cherish as long as we let him.

The so-called mainstream media would still love him, of course; they would actually praise him for how natty he looked in his well-pressed robes with his new beard, and would, of course, laud him for his ‘courage’ in fighting the bitter clingers to establish the true justice of  Sharia law in our nation.  This would occur at the same time our newly declared Pro-Muslim President works to enforce the veiling (sorry, it’s a new verb to learn to spell; better work on it though in the age of Obama) of our women, and the robing and bearding (other spelling conundrums, sorry) of our men

Is the Muslim victory monument at Ground Zero, aka, the New York Cordoba Mosque, the straw that broke the camel’s back?

The fact is, Islam is an ideology, and not just a religion.  It is a centuries-old combination of practices that has never undergone a reformation to bring these, some of which are truly medieval, practices into the modern, civilized, world, and is determined by the literal interpretation of the Koran, Islam’s rulebook, which, among other things, calls for the extermination of the infidel.

The aforementioned infidel, is, by the way, us.  A strict adherence to Islam, and democracy, are not compatible, and as such, our President’s unwavering support of his Islamist ideology puts him at odds with the American people and the republic we are trying to maintain.

Has Obama ever, in any of the universally disastrous decisions he has made as the U.S. President, some of which involved Muslims, ever come down on the non-Muslim side?

The answer to that question would be a resounding no.

Barack Hussein Obama is not just anti-American, he is a frothing-at-the-mouth America-loathing man who is determined to destroy our economic and international strength and sovereignty.  He is at the same time working to get us and our children and grandchildren trapped into Sharia law before his time runs out, which he and his fellow leftists know is not for much longer.  Obama does not care anymore, if he ever did, about what he says or does as he plows ahead in his prodigious efforts to dismantle the America our Founders gave us over 220 years ago.  He has total contempt, not only for the media (without whose enthusiastic participation Obama would not have been successful) that supports him, but even more for the American people, who do not.

It is now official as Obama purposely opens the door to Muslim Sharia law in our country: it is Obama vs. the United States of America.

We should have gotten it by now, but to what will be our everlasting regret, we have not.  One would think that the images of the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon, being crashed into by Muslim suicide bombers, erupting in fire, and destroyed by Islamic terrorists, would stick in Americans’ minds forever, but such was clearly not the case.  The mainstream media helped with this, of course, by refusing to display these images soon after they happened by saying, hypocritically, that they would ‘hurt the wounded American psyche,’ or a politically correct version thereof . This is yet another of the tens of thousands (millions?) of lies on the part of the msm, as they work to protect the Obama Administration by hiding the truth about Islam and its plans for America.  Were the American people allowed to see the truth, i.e., what the Muslims did to us as yet another of the acts of their ongoing war against us, and what they will continue to do to us if they are allowed to, we would have more quickly and readily entered the world of reality.

Maybe what it is going to take is the picture – the constant image, which even the msm cannot prevent being projected to the American people  – of the Islamic victory monument that we, the American people, are in the process of allowing them to construct on the site of the vicious murder by Muslim terrorists of over 3000 innocent Americans in 2001. 

This mosque would, indeed, be quite a victory over the American people, in the Muslim mind; a fitting completion to provide a tribute to the Muslim efforts on September 11th to achieve victory over the West in America.   There is no other way of interpreting this event.  The left is, as they always do, trying to alter opinions in this regard by saying that it is a site for Muslim moderation, brotherhood, and other lies, while at the same time, the founder and leader of this mosque, the imam Rauf, (I think it is pronounced ‘ROW OOOF’), has been saying for the years since September 11th that the attack was due in large part to the fault of America, and that we still have to pay a price for – whatever.  We would now know this price; but, unfortunately, the imam Rauf is currently unavailable, as he is touring the world with all his considerable expenses being picked up by the American taxpayer. The imam’s host organization, the State Department of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, is currently refusing to respond to any questions regarding the travels of this America-hating radical Islamic cleric, who is primarily responsible for international fundraising for this  mosque to be built on American ground.  Why the Imam Rauf is representing the United States of America he clearly loathes, worldwide, and this activity being paid for by, uh,…us, is a question either Barack Hussein Obama, or the State Department, needs to answer.

Perhaps we will be reminded of this while the ground is being broken to house those who have vowed to vanquish America at the site of the first major, now clearly of many, Muslim victories against America.  It should also be remembered that not one of these victories could have occurred without our concurrence.  

What will it take, if not this tragedy in the already heartbroken, and doubly betrayed, New York?  Go ahead and build the place, and rend even further the Islam/West fabric to their and our detriment.  It can then be assured that even more and more Americans will recall what the Muslim world, now accompanied in tandem with the Pro-Muslim American President, plans to do to a formerly free United States of America.

So do it, Muslims.  Build your building, for good or for ill (we actually know which one it is).  You’ve won. You have the right to build the Barack Hussein Obama Memorial Islamic Jihad Center (for Peace).  

But know this:  the now is not the forever.  You can underestimate the United States of America when we are ‘led’ by a person such as Obama, but each one of the majority of us is so much more than is this pathetic man masquerading as our leader.  Beware, Islam, as you work to establish your caliphate: you may not have an American President to stand in your way but you still have the American people to deal with.

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