Leftist Mama Grizzlies Attack Palin

EMILY’s List, a self-proclaimed “community of progressive Americans dedicated to electing pro-choice Democratic women to every level of office,” has launched its latest scheme against Sarah Palin’s “Mama Grizzlies” outreach.

If you haven’t checked out the video, you must. It’s downright hysterical. And not just because of the bear costumes and growling.

Some of the featured quotes from the video include:

• “The fact that if you [Sarah Palin] were in charge of this country, my little cubs wouldn’t have health care.”
• “When the salmon stopped coming down the stream and I didn’t work for three months, guess how we survived? Unemployment benefits, which is something that you [Sarah Palin] and your gang of candidates want to do away with.”
• “You may think we’re on the wrong track because we want to … protect our right to hibernate with whoever we choose.”

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. If Sarah Palin were President, all of America’s children would be denied healthcare (Ahem). Jobless adults would have to pitch cardboard-box tents in the streets while praying for God to instill compassion in evil Republicans. Toddlers would put on their best evening garb and hit the New York City subways with microphones, empty glass jars, and Disney karaoke CDs.

Of course, Palin would also sport the part-time midnight job of peeping into your bedrooms to assure that you’d be “hibernating” with a man or woman of her choosing. Hey, everybody has to earn a living!

I’ve said it before about Sarah Palin and I’ll say it again: that earmark-slashing, fiscally responsible, 10th Amendment-upholding, veteran-loving, pro-Constitution, cost-cutting, transparency-advocating, fetus-friendly, oil and gas aficionado is a menace!

As entertaining as the EMILY’s List video is—and I truly do thank you, ladies, as I’ve been waiting with bated breath for something to induce a fit of laughter besides Keith Olbermann speaking—there’s much more fun to come!

EMILY’s List released a statement that Sarah Doesn’t Speak for Me “will feature a new multi-media interactive website, a page for users to share personal stories, and information about the radical agenda of Palin’s candidates and where they stand on critical issues. It includes branded merchandise and an aggressive online presence that will extend our reach to a broad and diverse range of audiences and, through a targeted advertising campaign, get more than six million impressions.”

According to EMILY’s List President, Stephanie Schriock, “EMILY’s List is calling on women—and men!—to let their voices be heard and to reject Palin’s reactionary candidates and backward-looking agenda.” (Translation: Sarah Palin is wildly popular—as was her video—and that scares the living crap out of us.)

EMILY’s List has offered an online pledge “to vote in November and send the message loud and clear: Sarah, you do NOT speak for me,” as well as a link to “The truth about Sarah Palin’s candidates’ extreme views.”

It has also extended an invite “to share your story, your YouTube video—anything you’ve got—with us about how you’re speaking out against Sarah Palin’s extremist agenda” and an online form “to let your friends know about how they can also speak out against Sarah.”
According to EMILY’s List, some of the “extreme views” of Palin-backed candidates include:

• “Handel is ‘staunchly and unequivocally pro-life’”—(Karen Handel)
• “Called healthcare reform a ‘deeply-flawed law’”—(Kelly Ayotte)
• “Recommended by Right to Life New Mexico”—(Susana Martinez)
• “On healthcare reform: ‘I believe we must repeal this bill immediately’”—(John McCain) 
• “Called a ‘dedicated pro-life candidate’ by anti-choice group Susan B. Anthony List”—(Adam Kinzinger)

Speaking of the Susan B. Anthony List, SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser—just back from a 23-city bus tour throughout Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania—offered me her take on the EMILY’s List video and anti-Palin campaign.

“EMILY’s List’s attempt to make light of women leaders who affirm the best in women—who seek to include rather than exclude the rest of humanity as we find our fulfillment—falls flat,” Dannenfelser said.

“This video comes as further proof of how out-of-touch their narrow view of women’s rights really is,” she asserted. “With poll results showing a repeated hunger for authentic pro-life leadership, their response provides only further evidence that EMILY’s List is on the defensive this election cycle. Inclusive, pro-life leadership, like the kind Susan B. Anthony List and Sarah Palin promote, threatens the very core of the bitter, exclusive ‘feminism’ EMILY’s List must perpetuate in order to survive.”

Dannenfelser added, “EMILY’s List is running scared—and it shows. With polls confirming a consistent pro-life voting majority and a rising tide of authentic pro-life women leaders rising up to meet it, EMILY’s List’s pro-abortion agenda is falling further and further out of vogue. Yet, they continue to fight back by perpetuating what they purport to abhor: using women candidates with whom they disagree as punching bags.”

My bottom line: The EMILY’s List ladies are certainly entitled to their opinions. This is America, after all. But misrepresenting policy in order to market propaganda shouldn’t be the trademark of any organization, be it on the left or the right.

Now I’d love to stick around, but I’m about to get suited up in a donkey costume for my “Party of No” video on the DNC. Hee-haw!