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Tie us off, grab your spoons, face the East, and let’s pray!


Audio: The Real Housewives of the Ground Zero Mosque

Tie us off, grab your spoons, face the East, and let’s pray!

FRX is feminist.  That’s right: Naomi Wolf, Gloria Steinem, and Eve Ensler should be proud of us.  We’re worried about the way women are going to be treated at the Ground Zero Mosque, which at the moment, is a former Burlington Coat Factory that looks like a heroine den flophouse.  Tie us off, grab your spoons, face the East, and let’s pray!  Now, granted, the place is perfect if you’re Lindsay Lohan looking for a fun night out, but we at FRX refuse to believe that there’s nowhere else in the five boroughs of New York City to raise such a minaret of defiance.  The Cordoba House (aka The Ground Zero Mosque) gets its name from the conquered Catholic City of Cordoba, Spain, where 1,000 years ago, an Islamic Caliphate stood. That’s right, dummies; it was conquered by Islamic radicals who crossed the Straits of Gibraltar.  Now, in order to appear mainstream and appeal to the Reality TV sensationalism that Americans love, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf of the Ground Zero Mosque has released a promotional spot detailing what to expect once the Cordoba House opens.  Take a listen by clicking the player:


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