The Long, Hot, Democrat-less Summer

The old saying goes, ignorance is bliss.  Yet with Democrat leadership, the condition appears terminal.  DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), the man charged with the daunting task of re-electing House Democrats this year, appears oblivious to reality.

“Are we much better off than where we were under the Bush economic policies that, over an eight-year period, resulted in over 670,000 lost private sector jobs after that eight-year period? Yes we are,” Van Hollen told CNN on Sunday.

Since Obama and the Democrats have controlled Congress and the White House, 3.22 million private sector jobs have vanished.

Chart courtesy of the House Republican Conference

It is any wonder Democrats aren’t holding town hall meetings this summer?  A check of the House Democratic Caucus website shows no activity in its news section since August 12. 

There is no mention of town hall meetings by Democratic members over the August recess. 

The DCCC website boasts one article on August 16 on the blog, then back to August 12.  That’s better than the news section.  The latest post in the newsroom “Live Updates” section is October 27, 2009.  The latest posted press release is from August 10.

No apparent mention of a Democrat holding a town hall meeting.  No mention of the Obama’s endorsement of the Ground Zero mosque, either for or against.  August 13, the date of the mosque endorsement, was a tough day for Democrats.

Contrast that dismal performance with the House Republican Conference website’s high level of activity.  On the blog alone you’ll find photos from Republican town hall meetings across the country, up to date and ongoing. 

A new video out today highlights House Republican committee leaders and their ideas for the future.

With Democrats controlling the schedule in Washington, and choosing to take a six week paid vacation, House Republicans are committed to working on issues important to you and your family.

Contrasting the activity level alone, it’s not difficult to figure out that Democrats are demoralized and deflated this election season.