Ground Zero Mosque: A Bridge to Nowhere

The imam heading the push for a mosque at Ground Zero claims his reasoning for having it steps from where thousands of innocent Americans were murdered is to build bridges.

Bridges to what and from where? Do you really want to know more about the culture that is used as the defense of terrorists? This same imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf, said, essentially that Osama bin Laden was made in the U.S.A.

That’s right. He blames the hatred by Muslim extremists on, well, the United States. He’s using the Constitution both as a shield and a weapon. And worst of all, he is going to get away with it. He is hiding behind the rights that those terrorists tried to take away from us, and it is happening right under our noses.

President Obama on Friday decided to show how deaf he is to the American people by throwing his full support behind the Imam and the mosque. Of course, after realizing he couldn’t swim in the gulf with his foot all the way in his mouth, the president quickly back tracked. He emphasizes their right, which even a blind man can see, but refuses to comment on the moral issue of the mosque. It is a sad day when our very own president cant see what is blatantly wrong and side with over 70% of the public that are against the mosque.

Even the mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, is getting in on the act on behalf of the imam. Apparently, Bloomberg has short-term memory loss as he stood on Governors Island, with religious and city leaders as his backdrop, and said part of being a New Yorker is living with your neighbors in mutual respect and tolerance.

Mr. Mayor, I couldn’t agree more, but the imam should be the one showing tolerance and building elsewhere. Why do New Yorkers have to be force fed tolerance while we are still mourning our loss? Don’t make us live as victims. Were stronger than that.

Ever since President Obama went on his world apology tour and extended his hand to the Muslim world in Cairo there has been an unprecedented destruction of American pride. Why does the United States always have to be the one to show tolerance? Why can’t the Muslim community show some tolerance for once? There is no question that they have the freedom to build the mosque anywhere they please, but that does not make it right.

For some reason it is out of style to show American pride. Somehow it became necessary for the United States to bow down to every culture and country and say we are sorry. But, what are we sorry for? Are we sorry for bringing democracy to a part of the world that has oppressed and abused its people for hundreds of years? Are we sorry for allowing people to express themselves however they wish? Are we sorry for being the first country to lend aid, money, medicine and even the blood of American soldiers when ever another country has need?

We cannot allow a man who refuses to denounce Hamas as a terror group and who blames us for the attacks against us to freely preach hate speech without promising the funds used to built this bridge do not come from terrorists.

Tolerance must be shown and it must be by them. No longer can the United States be the brunt of the joke. You would not leave your front door unlocked after your house was robbed and you would not allow a potential enemy in your fox hole.

It is very clear that there is much greater force at work here than just building bridges. The governor of New York, David Paterson, has even offered free state land to build the mosque away from Ground Zero, but they wouldn’t take it.

If this mosque was supposed to build bridges, then why has it had the complete opposite effect before a single brick has even been laid? It’s because it is wrong, that’s why, and the Muslim community knows it. They know the controversy it has caused, and the imam is smiling his way through every interview and soundbite. He is a hero to his followers of the Muslim faith and extremists overseas look at this mosque as a trophy of their accomplishment right in the middle of the opponents clubhouse.

If people want to do the right thing they should call for the immediate removal of the plans. No architect should draw them up, no printer should print them. No contractor should put a single shovel in the ground. This is our country and we have tolerated enough for way too long. We will not allow our front steps to be desecrated by a culture that has no regard for the freedom this great country provides.

Build your mosque anywhere you please, just not there. Certainly not now. Because time heals a lot of wounds, but this gash is one that will never scab. 9/11 was a game changer and now we are on the offense. Everything that happened before that sunny morning in September, no longer matters. We live in a different world now and we cannot let political correctness run amok all over our American pride.

You can build your bridge to nowhere, but do not expect us to cross it.