Robert Gibbs Proves "You Can't Fix Stupid???

It’s arguable that in addition to being the most radical administration in American history, President Obama’s crew is also among the most incompetent. Like leftists the world over, his diplomats, cabinet members, and even his Vice President, appear to hold positions not because of their IQs or their love of this country but because of their loyalty to liberal causes.

Perhaps no member of Obama’s administration exemplifies this as clearly White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. Often referred to a “gaffe machine” by pundits of all flavors, Gibbs has spent the 20 months since Obama’s election proving the veracity of comedian Ron White’s assertion: “You can’t fix stupid.”

(For those of you who are sticklers on dates and times, Gibbs actually began speaking for Obama a few months before Obama was elected. I know this because the leftists at were freaking out in early September 2008, worrying aloud that Gibbs might cost Obama the election. Wrote one blogger there: “[Gibbs is] Obama’s chief spokesman apparently and frankly, he sucks at it.”)

As for Gibbs’ gaffes, reporters burst out in laughter 600 times while Gibb’s spoke during the first four months of Obama’s presidency alone. According to, the enormity of this figure is best understood in contrast to the first four months of any of Bush’s press secretaries besides the late Tony Snow, all of whom brought the press room to laughter about 60 times during their first four months.

Granted, some of this laughter was in response to jokes that Gibbs told, but a lot of it was also due to Gibbs’ senseless ramblings.

For example, during the tension that surrounded last year’s pandemic outbreak of H1N1 flu (that never turned into a pandemic), Vice President Joe Biden said he would advise people not to take planes or trains. When the travel industry took offense at Biden’s words, Gibbs was tasked with trying to explain away the statement. In an effort to convince reporters that Biden didn’t intend to say what he said, Gibbs opined: “And I just think he just: what he said and what he meant to say.”

Understandably, the reporters burst into laughter. The last time they’d heard something that incoherent was in 2007, when Miss South Carolina choked out the words: “U.S. Americans [and] education” in places “such as South Africa and, uh, the Iraq everywhere like, such as.”

Or consider Gibbs’ more recent attacks on Rush Limbaugh, where he lambasted the fact that Limbaugh had labeled Obama’s bailout of GMC and Chrysler a “government takeover” of those companies. In an attempt to make Limbaugh look out of touch and unconcerned about the workers at those factories who would have lost jobs without the bailout, Gibbs said: “You should ask Mr. Limbaugh … what kind of car he drives, but I bet it’s not an F-150.”

Again, reporters burst out in laughter because F-150’s are a Ford product, and therefore not made by the companies that Obama took control of with his government bailouts.

Perhaps the funniest of Gibbs’ blunders to date was his mid-summer criticism of former BP Chairman Tony Hayward, who described the Gulf spill as a “relatively tiny” one in comparison to the “very big ocean.” Gibbs criticized what he saw as Hayward’s nonchalant approach, and demanded less talk and more action. Then last week, when it became apparent the oil spill “crisis” had passed, the same Gibbs who had gone after Hayward for too much talk and not enough action, came out and said the spill wasn’t that big after all. He actually compared it to “an opened Coke can 5,000 feet below the ocean.” (After saying this, Gibbs was asked if he wanted to recant his criticism of former BP Chairman Hayward for saying basically the same thing and Gibbs said no.)

No wonder the bloggers at wrote of Gibbs: “Frankly, every time this guy opens his mouth I wince.”

“You can’t fix stupid,” folks. It’s as simple as that.