It's a Stinky Swamp Thang

Instead of “draining the swamp” of corruption as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised Americans in 2006, under her tenure the congressional swamp has grown more putrid, more corrupt, and more out-of-touch with ordinary Americans.

With abundant just cause, Americans can’t stand the smell of the squawking, lethargic, spendthrift Congress run by Pelosi—a whopping 11% approval rating according to Gallup. Americans have no faith, confidence or trust in the Pelosi-controlled Congress. There is good reason for this dismal approval rating.

Enter Congressrat Charlie Rangel who represents Harlem. Although he is presumed innocent until proven guilty, anyone can see that Rangel is an unethical schmuck who is more deserving of a prison cell than a seat in Congress. The shadow of corruption has followed Rangel around for years.

Rangel has been charged with 13 ethics violations. You may recall Rangel stepped down from his chairmanship of the House Ways and Means Committee— the committee that writes our tax laws—for not paying all of his taxes. One has to wonder if he shared tax-cheat tips with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner.

One of the 13 charges against Rangel is that he failed to disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars in income and assets over the years. Rangel will surely try to wrangle himself out of his swamp-infested tax mess but the evidence against him stinks like standing-still swamp water. Rangel is the current poster child for congressional corruption.

President Obama, Pelosi and other Democrats know Rangel is a political liability that they don’t need at the moment, as they are doing enough damage on their own to the Democratic Party with their Socialistic policies. Rangel’s ethics trial is set to start in September which is just two months before the Democrat swamp-draining election in November.

Rangel is not alone when it comes to being investigated and charged with unethical behavior. Democratic Congressrat Maxine Waters also faces ethics charges related to helping banks receive federal bailout money, including a bank that her husband had a financial stake in. Surely this is all just a big misunderstanding.

Just watch, the Congressrats on both sides of the political isle will circle the wagons and protect Rangel. Regardless of the outcome of his trial, they will speak of all the good work he did in Congress, how he worked tirelessly to serve his constituents, was a patriot and loved America, etc. Not one of them will say that Congress is a better institution with Rangel out of it.

Not one of them will introduce legislation to state that Congressrats found guilty of ethics violations will not receive a pension and be permanently banned from entering the Capitol. They won’t even stand before a microphone and condemn him if he is found guilty. Their silence is condemnable and pathetic, yet they have the gall to condemn others in the business community, etc. It’s no wonder Americans have such a low opinion of these soulless clowns.

Major League Baseball has tougher ethics standards than Congress. All-time hit leader Pete Rose is banned from MLB for gambling on baseball games. Congressrats found guilty of ethics charges are often simply censured. Some consequence. Scary stuff.

Rangel and others guilty of ethics violations and other criminal charges have no shame. They rarely apologize to the American people for being unethical and criminal political snakes. They deserve to be inducted into a Congressional Hall of Shame.

We deserve better than Rangel, but we will get more of the same. He won’t be the last rat to be elected to Congress or to face ethics charges. However, never forget that these people represent us and that we have a choice and are ultimately in charge. We can either get more of the same or toss out the unethical punks and be more engaged and attentive in the future. Tea Party anyone?

Yes, the whole thing stinks. You can put perfume on the pig but it’s still Fedzilla. We send people to D.C. to represent us and political machines on both sides of the isle turn them into political cogs. And Fedzilla gets fatter, less accountable and less effective.

Politics is a messy, ugly game. But when a Congressrat gets caught cheating there ought to be hell to pay. And that’s the lesson of Rangel. My prediction is that nothing of any substance will happen to him, thereby ensuring we get more of the same.

A thorough House cleaning is in order America. Are we up to this critical task or not?