Nevada Voters: Dump Harry Reid, Please!

You see the bumper stickers all over Vegas—”Dump Harry Reid.” Nevada voters will earn the undying gratitude of every American if they do just that in November.

Harry “We’ve got to stop using fossil fuels” Reid is a cruel joke on America.

The Reid-led Senate majority has racked up a World War II-size debt trying to borrow and spend to recover from a recession caused by too much borrowing and spending. The debt hole keeps getting deeper and Harry is still digging. Just this past week, Reid was urging passage of a bill with $26 billion more deficit “stimulus” to save local government jobs.

When Reid became majority leader in January 2007, the Nevada unemployment rate was under 5%. By February 2009, the recession had doubled that to 10.1% when Reid led the fight to enact Obama’s “stimulus” bill promising an economic recovery led by federal government deficit spending. Today the Nevada unemployment rate is 14.2%. The Obama/Reid plan for economic recovery is not working.

Correction: The Obama/Reid economic plan is working very well for big banks “too big to fail.” Reid’s “accomplishment” was to pass TARP (in the last few months of the Bush Administration), which to date has spent nearly $3 trillion keeping the Wall Street “Fat Cat” unemployment rate under 5%. At least somebody has benefited from Reid’s economic initiatives.

Then there’s Reid’s slavish devotion to Obama’s crazy “cap-and-trade” jihad against CO2 emissions, under which even Obama admitted during the 2008 campaign that “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” Great! Make the recession worse with deficit spending, scare the daylights out of the business community with new taxes and a mountain of new regulations, and then add skyrocketing electric rate increases. How much better could it get than that?

Reid famously crafted the Obama healthcare “reform” behind closed doors with lobbyists representing the unions, health insurance companies, Soros-funded leftist think tanks, and AARP. The result was a law which does the opposite of what Obama/Reid promised.

Keep you doctor and your current health insurance? Nope. Some 117 million Americans will change plans to a government approved plan by 2017. Taxes never raised on those making less than $250,000 per year? Nope. Taxes on “medical devices” will be levied on tampons and tooth brushes.

Cover the uninsured? Yes. Under the Obama/Reid plan, the uninsured will be required by the government to buy health insurance coverage as defined by a government agency from a private company at a price set by that company. This mandate was rejected by Missouri voters with a 71% “no” vote.

Reid believes that “coal makes us sick; oil makes us sick. We’ve got to stop using fossil fuels.” I wonder if Reid realizes that Las Vegas (with more light bulbs than China) uses “fossil fuel” burning power plants keep the lights on.

I wonder if Reid even cares about Las Vegas anymore. He’s the majority leader of the “Most Powerful Deliberative Body in the World,” a member of the ruling elite. When Obama (twice) attacked those going to Vegas, Reid was silent. When hundreds of business meetings were cancelled following Obama’s tirade against businesses holding meetings in Vegas, Reid was silent. Reid never stood up to Obama’s bullying.

When the recession in Nevada was made worse by Obama’s anti-Vegas jihad, the hardest hit were the workers in the hotels and casinos whose dues were spent by union bosses to elect Obama and Reid. Reid is proud to have Obama headline his Vegas fundraiser even when the President’s visit shut down the Vegas airspace to private planes causing more cancelled meetings. How much more damage to the Nevada economy (and to the nation) will Nevada voters stand?

Reid’s re-election theme seems to be “OK, we’re incompetent but the other side is crazy.” You can’t turn on a TV in Nevada without seeing yet another Reid smear ad against his Republican challenger Sharron Angle.

Sharron’s an extremist you see. Why, she would abolish the Department of Energy. The DOE was established in 1977 to reduce America’s reliance on foreign oil. With our reliance on foreign oil now twice today what it was in 1977, is the annual Energy Department’s $26 billion budget and 60,000 member staff justifiable?

Angle would abolish the Department of Education. A former teacher and elected school-board member, Sharron Angle knows in detail what the rest of us suspect—a federal Education Department has not made our kids better educated. The answer to the death spiral in public K-12 education is to return control (and the money) to the parents in the community.

Angle’s “extremism” sounds like common sense to me. Harry Reid sounds like perpetual recession spiced with an ever-increasing nanny state, garnished with loony gaffes: a recipe for disaster for the nation and for Nevada.

Dump Harry Reid—before it’s too late.