Audio: Charlie Rangel's Golden Ticket

This is the magical story of Charlie and the Chocolate Penitentiary.  In the beginning, Charlie Rangel was a nice, wholesome boy from the enchanted far away Land of Harlem.  Even before trying to kill lots of people in Korea, his parents warned him that if he wasn’t a good person, and didn’t stay on the straight and narrow, a Golden Ticket might come, and all of Charlie’s fun would be ruined.  That day has come.  After years of silence and quietude, the Chocolate Penitentiary has become a reality once again, as Charlie has received a one-way Golden Ticket to the slammer, the pokey, the shiv club, the joint, the soap pickup, the clink…the Hoosegow!  The House Ethics Committee has slapped Charlie with 13 ethics charges…and one Golden Ticket.  Listen here to find out what happens next:

08-03-10 Charlie Rangel’s Golden Ticket by HumanEvents