Happy Barackday!

Forty-nine years ago today, the world gave us something great: better than the Slinky, better than the Snuggie, and even better than Justin Bieber. Stanley Ann Dunham gave us Barack Hussein Obama. Thank you. Because of your great triumph, the government now controls the auto industry, our healthcare, the financial-services industry, and soon, the energy sector of America, plus maybe even talk radio and the Internet. Today is President Obama’s birthday, and contrary to some reports, he won’t be spending it alone. Yes, First Lady Michelle Obama and their youngest daughter, Sasha, are off to Spain this week, and daughter Malia is heading to summer camp. But President Obama’s whole crew is coming to Chicago … bearing gifts. If you click and listen, you’ll find out who’s invited to the party, and what their special presents will be. Happy Barackday, Mr. President!



Happy Barack Day! by HumanEvents