Democrats Politicizing 9/11

The Democrats have reached a new low. They’ve taken to playing politics with Ground Zero, using the heroes of 9/11 as pawns in their pompous power play.

You may have caught New York Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner doing his best Reverend Wright impression from the political pulpit of Capitol Hill. Weiner almost popped the main vein in his head trying to paint House Republicans as heartless scoundrels because they blocked a $ 7 billion bill stuffed with so much pork that it made Weiner look like a pig in a blanket.

If you are a real American than there is no question that those who risked their lives running into the burning towers when everyone else was running out deserve everything they need to take care of their families and their health. But this bill is not the only answer and the Democrats used it as political fuel, not what was in the best interest of their constituents.

The Democrats knew that Republicans are doing everything they can to cut government spending after our fearless leader, the Spender-in-Chief, has increased the deficit by over$2 trillion in less than two years.

By opting to use a legislative procedure that requires a two-thirds vote for approval rather than a simple majority, Democratic leaders wanted to block potential GOP amendments to the measure.

One of the staunchest Republicans in the House, Peter King from New York, voted for the bill, but was completely disgusted by how Weiner and his pack of hounds brought it to the floor.
King said, “The bottom line is the Democrats control the House, and they pulled a procedural gimmick starting ten days ago, and they lost the nerve to bring it to the floor on a real vote.”

As Democrats approach the November elections and a possible Republican takeover of the House, they knew they had to play politics. They knew they had to make Republicans look heartless. They knew that using a subject like terror and 9/11 would captivate Americans and get them on their side, regardless of the facts.

Weiner, being one of the savviest politicians around, knew that his rant would be played on every news network for the entire day. He would pop-up on cable networks throughout the day, bashing Republicans and acting like a child who just dropped his ice cream cone in the sand.

Even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got in on the act, going on the Sunday talk shows saying, “The Republicans are here for the special interests, we’re here for the people’s interests.”

At what point does Botox completely stifle any cognitive or intelligent thought from the brain. Seriously, she said that. Forget the fact that Democrats fled Obama’s side faster than Joey Chestnut can eat a Nathan’s Famous hot dog when it came to voting for the war funding bill. And, that’s a bill that needs to be passed to give our troops the proper tools to protect themselves on the battle field while they fight to protect our freedom.

Pelosi makes a blanket statement about the difference between Republicans and Democrats which is a bold-faced lie.

Never mind that the massive entitlement programs the government is trying to pass will destroy the middle class. From the healthcare overhaul debacle to financial reform, the Democratic agenda hurts the American people. Democrats act like they’re here for the little guy, all the while doing things that cripple everyone, including the poor.

Poor Americans don’t pay income taxes. That leaves the rich and the middle class left to foot the bill. Since the rich have money, they don’t get hurt by the tax increases. Businesses pass along tax increases to the middle class in the form of job cuts and increased prices. The middle class doesn’t have the luxury to absorb these increases so they work harder but get to take home less pay.

As the Democrats do everything in their power to frame themselves as the ones who really care about the American people, all they seem to do is play politics and talk a big game. They never actually institute any policies to build the economy, keep America safe, or help those who protect us every day. Their main goal, as you saw with Weiner spouting off, is to give the illusion that they are helping. They hope this will translate into votes, and they hope you never go back and check if what they promised actually came to fruition.