Leaked Memo Shows Obama Admin Conspiring to Implement Amnesty

The leaked memo, entitled “Administrative Alternatives to Comprehensive Immigration Reform” is designed to “…reduce the threat of removal for certain individuals present in the United States without authorization.”  In other words, to ensure that illegal immigrants will not be deported. 

The amnesty plan outlined in the memo is designed to sidestep legislative action.

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee this morning released the internal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) memo obtained by Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa).

The release states:

One of the most outrageous proposals is to use DHS’ limited authority to grant deferred action on a broad basis.  The memo proposes using deferred action (or inaction, as it is in practice) to allow certain individuals for whom “no relief appears available” to remain in the U.S. indefinitely and receive work authorization.  This would give amnesty to millions of illegal workers. 

“The document shows the Obama administration scheming to allow millions of illegal immigrants to stay and work in the United States,” Smith said.  “The Obama administration is conspiring to implement amnesty without any Congressional action.”

Smith said that the Obama administration says one thing and does another promising border security and immigration enforcement yet sues Arizona for enforcing laws the administration says it is their right to enforce.

“But now we find out the truth: while saying one thing to the public, the Obama administration is scheming to ensure that immigration laws are not enforced!” Smith said.

Smith warned that it is Congress’ responsibility to enact law.

“How to deal with the millions of illegal immigrants in the country is a question for the people’s representatives in Congress and not for unaccountable federal bureaucrats,” Smith said.  “This is an insult to millions of unemployed citizens and legal immigrants who have to compete with illegal immigrants for scarce jobs.” 

“The Obama administration needs to stop its scheming and put American’s interests first,” Smith said.