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Former President Bill Clinton has a Bucket List...and the bulbous "Master of Truth" has finished it...


Audio: Bill Clinton’s Bucket List

Former President Bill Clinton has a Bucket List…and the bulbous “Master of Truth” has finished it…

Move over, Nicholson and Freeman!  Former President Bill Clinton has a Bucket List…and the bulbous “Master of Truth” has finished it, just in time for his only daughter’s wedding!  Here at FRX, we figure that, with Bill’s main problem (Hillary) gone on diplomatic missions with the State Department, and his other wallet drain finally tying the knot, it’s time for Slick Willie to break out the Arsenio Hall sunglasses, and get busy with his crooked self.  Weeks ago, at the 18th International AIDS Conference, Bill delivered the keynote address, and it was then that FRX first discovered that this list existed.  Bubba was bragging about how he needed to get in better physical shape, in order to chase around all of the bridesmaids at Chelsea’s wedding, saying, “that’s just like spring training for my Bucket List.”  Now, FRX has his list.  And you can have it too, if you click the player:


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