Did You Miss Obama on The View?

I decided to watch President Obama on The View this morning (what’s that phrase…so you don’t have to?).

Less than 13 minutes into the show, Joy Behar had already said Fox News and the “right wing” were hijacking the narrative of Obama’s presidency. So she asked him what the narrative of his presidency was. Obama told Behar that was her job.

The messiah gives the prophet his message.

Then Obama told everyone that we shouldn’t be campaigning all the time – there’s a time to campaign and a time to govern.

Someone please tell the Boy Scouts, who missed out on having the president of the United States at their 100th anniversary celebration this week because he was attending political fundraisers.

Will someone also please tell Joe Biden? “Now that the heavy lifting is over, we can go out and make our case,” Biden said at a political fundraiser July 22 as reported in The Hill.

In other words, it’s an example of a prophet who didn’t get the message, or who got it and went rogue anyway – kind of like Jonah and the whale.

The best zinger, however, came at the end of the show from Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who had an exchange with the president earlier over the unemployment rate. Near the end of the show, Obama said his administration has created a whole range of reforms on education and made the future sound rosy for those going through the education system.

Hasselbeck’s response: “Will they have jobs when they’re out of there?”