Challenging the Legality of Obamacare

The U.S. Citizens Association in May fired a shot across the bow of President Obama’s unconstitutional healthcare takeover by filing a lawsuit in federal court to overturn the bill signed into law in March.

Unlike the lawsuits filed by various states’ attorneys general, this lawsuit by the Ohio-based conservative organization was filed on behalf of our 23,000 members.
Our lawsuit is not a case of politicians suing one another. To our knowledge our lawsuit is the first of its kind and has the best chance of success because we will not be bought off and we certainly won’t back down from threats.

The U.S. Citizens Association has assembled a team of constitutional litigators to launch a full-scale legal war against the Obama Administration’s health insurance reform legislation, known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

The suit, filed in Federal District Court in Akron, Ohio, is based on four basic arguments that the new law violates protections afforded to Americans by the Bill of Rights.

The U.S. Citizens Association believes that the 1st Amendment guarantees the groups’ members right to “not associate” with anybody they choose not to, including health insurers and their agents.

The U.S. Citizens Association believes that under several amendments of the Constitution, their members have a right to privacy that will be lost when they are forced to divulge confidential medical information, possibly including data derived from blood, urine and DNA samples, physical examinations, listing past or current illnesses, diseases and daily medications as applicants for mandated health-insurance coverage.

The U.S. Citizens Association believes that the new law forces its members who do not have health insurance to purchase an unwanted product. Members’ personal liberty—the right to choose to buy or not buy health insurance—is being deprived.

The U.S. Citizens Association uninsured members who have never engaged in interstate commerce involving health insurance, are being wrongfully compelled by federal law to purchase unwanted health insurance due to the wrongful application of the federal interstate commerce clause,

The U.S. Citizens Association believes that the new law’s tax penalty for not having health insurance is not authorized by the Constitution. This tax penalty is an illegal excise tax on a non-activity. This is not a tax on property or income and as an excise tax it was not apportioned according to the Constitution.

The U.S. Citizens Association is devoted to protecting individual liberties and promoting conservative values, fiscal responsibility, and the American private-enterprise economic system.  It includes, as part of its mission, challenging violations of the Constitution by elected public officials that threaten the federal republic created by the U.S. Constitution.

As our lawsuit moves forward, we are working to galvanize the support of other conservative organizations—as well as the support of individual freedom-loving Americans who are astonished by the arrogance and blatant disregard for the Constitution.

Lawyers for the Obama Administration have asked a federal judge for more time to respond to our suit because “this case presents claims not yet addressed in other litigation.”

In other words, Obama’s lawyers need more time to figure out how to answer questions that only we have asked.

Since the USCA suit was filed, other organizations and several states have filed separate suits against the bill. But Obama lawyers and Justice Department officials have asked for more time to come up with answers to questions that only USCA have raised about the various illegalities contained in Obamacare.

In asking for additional time, Obama lawyers said they needed have “extensive consultation with the executive branch” to come up with a reply. The lawyers said, “Although some claims raised by plaintiffs are similar to those the United States (or one of its agencies) is defending in other lawsuits, this case presents claims not yet addressed in other litigation.”

Judge David Dowd granted the White House and other agencies named in the suit until August 12 to answer our suit.

We have the feds on the run. The Obama White House is scrambling to defend an indefensible assault on our freedoms and liberties. You can read the feds’ motion here, and then click the donate button to make sure we continue to have the resources we need to carry on this fight on your behalf.

We believe our lawsuit represents the best opportunity to wrestle control of our government out of the hands of “life” politicians and put it back into the hands of America’s citizens—and we welcome the support of our patriotic friends.

You can view the entire complaint at