Audio: Shirley Sherrod's Difficult Decision

Days after being forced to can herself by the racial quick draws in the Obama White House, Shirley Sherrod, the former rural development director for the Agriculture Department in Georgia, has been asked if she wants her old job back.  Because this is an unlikely scenario, the political, sports and entertainment communities are buzzing with where Ms. Sherrod may end up.  She’s a free agent now…and she likes it.  Will Shirley join Team Edward or Team Jacob?  We know that she has received calls from both Kobe Bryant and Lebron James to join either the Los Angeles Lakers or the Miami Heat.  One rumor circulating is that perhaps she will be groomed to replace Jay Leno when he finally quits the Tonight Show for the second time.  But only FRX has the brand new promo that ESPN started running only moments ago, explaining where and when Shirley Sherrod will make…The Decision.  Click the player and listen: