Video: Congressman Dodges Question About His "N???-Word Accusation

When asked if he’s made any progress in verifying the allegation that Tea Party activists hurled racial slurs at him and his colleagues, Rep. Andre Carson (D-Ind.) ducked into a Washington, D.C., office complex on Wednesday morning to avoid the question entirely. “You made some serious allegations about racial slurs. Where are you in your investigation into that?” probed a HUMAN EVENTS correspondent outside the Teamsters’s headquarters. Carson remained silent. Not only did Carson dodge the question, but at one point he conveniently pulls out his cell phone in an effort to avoid making contact with our reporter altogether.

It was on March 20 of this year when Carson first launched the accusation that he and other black members of Congress were called the “N” word by conservative protesters at the “Kill the Bill” rally taking place around the Capitol. Carson told reporters that it happened “at least 15 times” as he walked from the Cannon Building to the House chambers before voting for the President’s health care “reform” law. To this day, neither Carson nor any of his allies on the left have produced a single piece of evidence buttressing their claim.