The Next 'Macaca Moment'

In the heat of 2006 election cycle, Virginia Senator George Allen was only a few months from wrapping up his re-election campaign fight against challenger Jim Webb. In the summer, some polls had Senator Allen ahead by as much as 10% points. Even though public sentiment was wavering on the then-3 year old war in Iraq, Allen and his camp seemed that victory was very much attainable. That all changed in August when the now infamous “macaca moment” happened.

As we all remember, the lame-stream media exploded (The Washington Post said that Allen was engaging in “racial bullying” and he was outside the “bounds of decency”) with outrage over the story and subsequently changed the momentum of the whole race, which ended with Webb winning by a small margin and forcing Allen into political exile.

Four years later, we have arrived in another midterm election year where the stump speeches, public appearances, and every sound bite known to man are being heavily scrutinized. The vitriol and actions of the Left has been flying fast and has been, you guessed it, completely ignored by the mainstream media.

Just a quick refresher: remember Bob Etheridge? Yeah, this guy is a United States Representative and he assaults a student who is simply asking him “Do you fully agree with the Obama agenda?” Did we hear a peep from anyone in the media, the Left, or anyone for that matter that felt that Etheridge should face any repercussions? The answer is a resounding no. Oh, and Rep. Phil Hare. This one is my personal favorite. At a constituent gathering in his district, the Illinois congressman is engaged in a heated conversation over Obamacare and its effects on citizens of his district. What’s that Rep. Hare? You don’t “worry about the Constitution” when it comes to passing Obamacare? I thought that was a violation of the oath you swore to protect? Again I ask did we hear anything from the media or the Left on Hare’s gross negligence of his duty as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Didn’t think so.

And that brings us to the present. This week has been dominated by the media’s constant harping on the “racist” Tea Party and its members. Yes, the Tea Party that was blamed for flinging the “n-word” at Reps. John Lewis and Andre Carson. The media is trying to resurrect that story, even after Lewis and, now Carson, can’t even defend their own comments of the alleged incident. When will the Left be held accountable for their actions?

There will never be a “macaca moment” for anyone on the Left because the lame-stream media has put up blinders to the tiniest infraction from anyone in the Democratic Party. They had no problem singlehandedly bringing down Senator George Allen’s political career, but when Democratic members of Congress assault people on a public street, disregard their sworn oath to protect the Constitution or fabricate claims of racism to push the lights off their disastrous stewardship of this country, you can only hear crickets.