The "Ghettoizing??? of Obama

President Obama was supposed to be post racial.  When you ask him, he says, he doesn’t believe the attacks on him are racial.  But everyone from his wife to the head of the NAACP tells it another way.  They believe any attack on the President is racist or racial.

Dick Morris calls it the “ghettoizing” of Barack Obama.  He was referring to the tactic of stirring up black and Hispanic voters with charges of racism where there is none. It’s a ploy to stir up voters of color in this off-year election.  From the NAACP to the tepid attempt at “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” in the eleventh hour of this congressional session, it’s all about him, Barack Obama.

The Tea Party was the target last week at the meeting of the NAACP. They indignantly and unanimously voted (behind closed doors) for a resolution claiming the Tea Party movement is racist but they won’t release a text of the resolution.

The Tea Party movement is a movement about liberty and fiscal responsibility. A kind of Paul Revere call in the night that “the British are coming.”  In this case, it’s “the Socialists are coming” or “Big Government is Coming.”  When you talk of redistribution of wealth and economic justice, it may not be Leninist, but it is much closer to socialism than to capitalism.

Herman Cain, a radio talk-show host and black man, grew up in the segregated South.  He graduated from high school in Atlanta before desegregation and attended Morehouse College.  He’s been a “math-head,” executive, radio host and candidate.  He’s also a favorite of the Tea Party movement.

“My reaction to the idea of the NAACP declaring the citizen movement known as the Tea Party as racist is ridiculous,” said Cain. “I am Black. I have spoken at over twenty rallies and conferences. I have talked directly with hundreds of Tea Party activists, and have received hundreds of calls from activists to my nightly radio show. Tea Party people are patriots who want the federal government to stop the spending, stop the legislative abuse, stop the tax increases and start adhering to the Constitution.”

He also laments the NAACP going from a “once relevant and impactful organization is [now] looking for relevance in the wrong place, namely, race. It should be about unity instead of divisiveness.”

For this position of freedom and his disagreement with the President on issues, he’s been called an Uncle Tom and shameless. “Those who are calling me those names have probably never been to a Tea Party event, and I doubt officials of the NAACP have attended an event either.”

The NAACP based its condemnation on unproven charges against the Tea Party members when congressmen walked through the crowd on the day of the healthcare vote.  They said they were spit on and racial epithets were used against them.  But not one shred of evidence of this has been produced and there were many cameras and microphones present.

The Tea Party movement is a movement of America.  It is white and black and brown.  People of color should resonate with its message because the President ran on “Hope and Change,” and so far it’s not working.  Unemployment is up and the unemployment rate for black Americans is twice the national average.

Deneen Borelli of Project 21, a black Tea Party activist, said, “The Tea Party is about individuals being individuals with independent thought and independent actions. It’s plain and simple. But unfortunately, you have the progressives who want blacks, for example, to be in lock-step on the same subjects, the same opinions, and to vote to the same way.  When in reality, that’s not the real world.  People need to be accountable for what they do and what they say and not get involved in the group-think.”

Admittedly, it doesn’t help that in a large movement like the Tea Party there are going to be some “hangers on” who have different views. Those fringe elements have been condemned and they are not welcome in the movement. However, it is a bit disingenuous when you don’t hear the NAACP condemn the New Black Panther Party or the likes of Jeremiah Wright who preach hate and killing based on race. 

An Iowa Tea Party group made a mistake last week.  They created a billboard comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin. It has been removed, and Kent Beatty, the general manager of the company that owns the billboard, says a North Iowa Tea Party representative called and asked that the sign in downtown Mason City be removed. Beatty says his company replaced the sign the next morning with a public service announcement.

Because the President is doing so poorly, groups like the Tea Party have to be neutralized in the minds of the President’s dwindling supporters.  As a Georgian, I’m happy that some Democrat President is making Jimmy Carter look better. At least he won’t be the worst President in modern times.

“Tea Party people are not racist… They are patriotic Americans who want the greatest country in the world to remain the greatest, by exercising their right to make their voices heard.  This isn’t about race. This is about results, and the results by this administration are missing in action,” Cain said about the NAACP’s condemnation of the Tea Party movement.

There will be more fighting between now and the election.  We need the Tea Party movement because it is grassroots.  Its leaders will continue to be diligent in weeding out the fringe factors and the other side will keep ignoring their fringe factors. It’s the way it is.  But as we head into this November election, we will see whose ideas win out. You can make the difference.  Vote in your primaries and in the general election and then hold their feet to the fire every day until the next election.  It starts with your vote, it doesn’t end with it.