Job Killers vs. Job Creators

The campaign this fall can be boiled down to a simple choice: job-killers versus job-creators.

With so many Americans out of work, candidates will win decisive victories if they can show their opponent’s policies will kill jobs and their policies will create jobs.

Governing is about having the right principles, policies, processes and people. 

Successful leaders hold principles that work in the real world, and these principles lead them to the right policies. And because they are determined to measure results, they develop processes that work. Finally, with the right principles, policies, and processes, they look for people who are driven, practical, and experienced to get the right things done the right way.

Unfortunately, under the Pelosi-Reid Congress and the Obama presidency, government has become a job-killing system thanks to a set of principles, policies, processes and people that are completely disconnected from reality. 

I describe this alien ideology in my book To Save America: Stopping Obama’s Secular-Socialist Machine.  It is a fundamentally anti-work, anti-investment, anti-entrepreneurial ideology that has led to economic stagnation and spiritual decay wherever it has been tried. 

We can already see the results of this radical ideology in America.

The American work ethic is being replaced with a mindset that favors “gaming” the system to get away with working as little as possible. 

American productivity is being replaced with a set of union work rules and bureaucracy that makes us too slow, too expensive and too cumbersome. 

The historic American commitment to local representation and local control is being replaced by an emphasis on federal concentration of power and rule by bureaucrats and judges that is stripping Americans of their rights and responsibilities. 

A commitment to religious freedom and God-given rights is being replaced by a secular oppression that increasingly resembles the government-imposed atheism of Soviet totalitarianism. (I encourage you to watch the documentary Nine Days that Changed the World, which Callista and I host and produced, to learn about the plight of the Polish people under Communism and the brave moral leadership of Pope John Paul II that helped topple the Soviet Union.)

The secular-socialist machine of the left has made the recession worse by suppressing the natural resiliency of the American economy and setting the stage for even worse economic challenges in the future. 

For President Obama, the years he spent studying and teaching the radicalism of Saul Alinsky laid the foundation for a job-killing, anti-business attitude.  

If you believe business is bad, you will convince it to go away.


If you are determined to tax small business owners, entrepreneurs, successful corporate leaders, investors, and innovators they will either avoid taxable behavior or leave the country entirely.

If you impose absurd regulatory controls totally out of touch with reality, you will kill jobs.

The Obama Administration’s moratorium on offshore drilling has already sent high-paying good jobs and tax-paying, profitable companies out of the United States. Obama has been good for jobs in Egypt and the Congo (where the first two oil rigs have gone) but he has killed jobs in Louisiana.

The President’s proposed energy taxes will kill jobs in America but they will create jobs in China (which this year passed America as the world’s largest user of energy).

The recently passed government control of the financial system will be good for jobs in London, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Shanghai and other foreign financial centers but it will kill jobs and profits in the United States.

We have seen job killers implement job-killing policies before.

President Carter had a whole series of job-killing policies from 1977 to 1980 and they worked. They killed a lot of jobs.

Politicians in Detroit have been killing jobs for two decades. Only with Mayor Dave Bing’s new job-oriented approach has there been any hope of rebuilding Detroit’s economy.

We have all seen the state governments of New York and California adopt policies that kill jobs and drive businesses and successful individuals out of their states.

On the other side, we have seen a job creator like Gov. Rick Perry implement policies which in 2008 led Texas to create as many jobs as the other 49 states combined.

Governors Mitch Daniels in Indiana, Tim Pawlenty in Minnesota, Haley Barbour in Mississippi, Sonny Perdue in Georgia, and Bobby Jindal in Louisiana are all examples of principled job creators whose policies work.

We are in the worst economy since the Great Depression.

The only recent improvements in unemployment numbers have come about because people have quit looking for work and so are no longer counted as unemployed.

Under this model, if President Obama could convince every unemployed American to quit looking for work, we would have zero percent unemployment.

The number would be great but the reality would be horrible.

The simple choice this fall is between job killers and job creators. Over the next few newsletters, I will expand on this theme with some detailed examples.

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P.S.  Tomorrow night I am speaking to the Los Angeles County GOP and then will stay afterward to sign books and meet people.  There are still tickets left, which you can purchase here.

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