The Silence and Compliance of the Governed

The Founders and Obama in Agreement!

It would be quite an illustrative pursuit to find the numerous things on which our Founders and our current President agree in their efforts to create and preserve a strong, great and flourishing United States of America.

We could perhaps begin with the desire of our Founders to establish the first republic in history, from their vantage point in the late 18th Century, in which individual freedom and the rights of man were guaranteed, and this is reflected in the Constitution they wrote, simply and clearly, that leadership in the United States of America could be done only with the “consent of the governed.” Our current President and the members of his Administration, of course, in their strict  adherence to the tenets of the Constitution, pattern all their…er…well, maybe, not all, but some of their activity, but…actually, I must admit to being not quite right on this one.  Obama and his adherents actually don’t believe in the consent of the governed, they seem to prefer ruling instead by the silence and compliance of the governed.

Of course, there is the remarkable achievement of American exceptionalism, which means simply that not only were we the first nation to have achieved what we did in terms of individual freedom and all the benefits that accrue, but also that we remain the only nation to have had this extraordinary gift have it be our only history.  Any President would certainly, in his pride and gratitude for the nation that elected him as its leader, praise this amazing aspect of our country’s history, and speak about it….er…sorry, I remember something now. Something that I must have tried to banish from my memory.  That was what Obama said about this unique feature of my country that I was thinking he couldn’t possibly have said.  I remember it now, though…Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism, any more, as he said, than a “Greek believes in Greek exceptionalism,” or a “Brit believes in British exceptionalism.”  Oh dear, one would wish that our elected President might have studied history a bit before assuming the highest office in the land.  I’m sure he’ll take care of that omission at some point during his busy Administration, don’t you know.

Well, the Founders gave us, again unique to history, a firm structure of checks and balances to keep any one of the single bodies of the tricameral system they so brilliantly created from becoming more powerful than another.  The Obama Administration has certainly held itself back in order to comply with this part of our rules, as they…oh…oh, right, I guess not.  Obama has taken unprecedented and numerous actions in trying to blunt the power of the judiciary in what he calls “the Roberts court,” and complies with his like-minded ilk in the legislative branch in organizing corrupt, unethical and unconstitutional maneuvers to enact legislation that the American people do not want.  Come to think of it, Obama has also appointed more high-level staff people as “Czars” in his Administration, the executive branch, in order to bypass the Constitutionally ordered confirmation process, than those he has appointed according to the rules.  Sorry, I must be getting senile, or something.

Another remarkable aspect of our Founding was the balancing of the power in the United States between the individual states and the federal government.  This was something about which our Founders felt very strongly, an issue that was bitterly disputed in the 18th Century, and it took a large part of the entire discussion in creating the rules for our country to achieve a modicum of a balance enough to satisfy all those in Philadelphia that summer.  Now, even though Barack Hussein Obama thinks we are made up of 57 states, (he was later quite pleased, I understand, that we are in fact only 50; seven less troublesome entities, don’t you know), he certainly respects the sovereign nature of each…er…state; well, maybe not so much, as he recently instigated a lawsuit against the governor of Arizona for what he had touted as discrimination in a law that state just passed regarding the massive illegal immigration currently wrecking Arizona.  This totally lawless Administration filed this lawsuit without, of course, mentioning any such discrimination.  The Arizona law actually reflects current federal law that the Obama Administration volubly chooses to ignore, and consistently refuses to implement.  How silly of me, I really should take some memory pills or something.

Then, of course, there is the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, so precious to Americans for over 220 years, guaranteeing the nation’s citizenry the right to bear arms.  Something so essential to the American character would naturally be of equal importance to our Presidential Administration, as Obama works to…oh dear, wrong again, as I am just now recalling the efforts of Obama’s Secretary of States, Hillary Clinton, to bind America to a UN treaty restricting America’s right to bear arms, and then, of course, there is an Obama minion who recently came out with this gem:  it was clear to this Constitutional scholar that what the Founders intended when they came up with the 2nd Amendment was the guarantee that the government had the right to bear arms, not the people.  Actually, that makes perfect sense…in Soviet Russia.

And then there are such elemental freedoms as the sections in the Constitution, felt so strongly about by our Founders, which guarantee free speech and a free press – there are no more sacred freedoms to Americans than these in our Founding document.  Those in the Obama Administration have been exemplary in their adherence to these…ah, tenets…well, rats, I just remembered the strenuous efforts on the part of the Congress and the FCC (thus both the legislative and the executive) to limit free speech and a free press, those of course with opinions not shared by this Administration, by various unconstitutional administrative and regulatory maneuvers.  Then there were the Administration-wide efforts to demonize Fox News; then there was the Congressional approval of the measure to give Obama the power to stop the Internet; then there was the Administration-wide effort to provide the UN and various other world governments global power not only over the Internet, but also over the taxation thereof.  Boy, they’re working really hard on that one, aren’t they?

This is quite exhausting, yet I am determined to find a meeting of the minds between the Founders and the Obama Administration.  Let’s see, maybe freedom of religion?  Nah, there is Administration-wide preference given to Obama’s beloved Muslim brethren, e.g., with the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, the TSA, the NASA, the Department of State, the Department of Labor, and the White House, of course, at the expense of the traditional American religions of Christianity and Judaism.  Not that one; well maybe, wait, I’ve got it!  Freedom of assembly, oh no, I’m wrong again.  The unstoppable Eric Holder clearly finds it more Constitutionally correct with regard to this section of the Constitution to send SWAT teams to control local Tea Party gatherings, attended primarily by flag-waving grandmothers wearing patriotic clothing, than to allow the Justice Department to go through with its prosecution of baton-wielding para-military members of the new Black Panther party who were intimidating voters and vowing to kill white peoples’ (crackers, actually) babies.  Both these implementations of Obama’s justice are on film, don’t you know.  

I think I’ve got it!  I really do – something so elemental in any civilized society, that it is found not only in our Constitution, but in similar documents around the globe (that should appeal to Obama)!  This is something that just has to be practiced by those in the Obama Administration as they transform our nation, and that way we can retain at least a bit of our heritage, as it is an elemental aspect of nature!  Eureka!  What it is, is …respect for human life!

Oh no, I just remembered a few things.  After this, I’m giving up.  I am obviously not up to this task.  I just recalled that the Obama Administration has demonstrated repeatedly that it has no respect for human life whatsoever.  Obama himself has consistently supported partial birth abortion, while everyone – to a man- in his Administration solidly supports the practice of abortion on demand.  One of his biggest supporters, his most recent Supreme Court nominee, was found out to have falsified a legal document to make sure that partial birth abortion stayed in place legally!  You can’t ask for more devotion than that, can you?  She’ll be confirmed anyway, of course, as ignoring the Constitution and breaking the law does not constitute a problem of any kind in this Administration.  Oh, and I almost forgot, there is the recent recess appointment of Obama of a Socialist from Harvard (sorry for the redundancy), who advocates not only redistribution of wealth but also rationing of health care, (otherwise known as death panels!)

Actually, I think I’ve figured this out.  I don’t know how often you watch Robert Gibbs, Obama’s Press Secretary, (I know, I know, it’s not easy on the stomach, nor the nerves, but you can learn a lot), but the other day, when a hapless, (and one of the few not in lock step), reporter asked a somewhat difficult question about the recess appointment just mentioned, Gibbs said, with sarcasm (I’m shocked, shocked, I tell you), “Do you have a report with this information that nobody else has?”  That’s it, don’t you see?  The Obama Administration was given the a copy of the wrong Constitution when they first assumed power – they have all this time been adhering to the wrong set of rules for our country!  Clearly, they were given some mutant version of the document our Founders created with such reverence, possibly by one of Obama’s new best friends, maybe Castro, or, maybe Chavez, or perhaps The Supreme Leader… oh no, I’ve got it, Vladimir Putin!  It must have come from his old KGB files; they had lots of mutant American documents there!

I’m sure all we need to do is get the right copy of the Constitution to the Obama people, and then we’ll go back to being the United States of America.  After all, Obama and the other Socialists in power mean well, don’t you think?