Salesman-In-Chief Back on the Stump

The mid-term elections are on the horizon, and the Democrats are doing everything they can to avoid a Capitol Hill slaughter come November. Now there’s even word that good ole Slick Willie is going to be their answer, Bill Clinton campaigning cross-country, knocking on doors and trying to bring back the Democratic glory days.

Beating Bubba to the campaign trail for a completely different reason is none other than the Messiah. President Obama went on the road to Michigan to sell the success of his stimulus plan. This all before taking to the hills of Maine for another another much needed vacation. Fore!

A new White House report claims that the stimulus worked. Well, it doesn’t actually say that, but the President’s message was simple: “Even though things are bad, they would be way worse without the stimulus.”

This report says exactly 3.6 million jobs were “created or saved” but where are they? And is that number on top of the nearly 2.5 million jobs lost since the stimulus went into effect? The administration can sell you all the snake oil they want, but that doesn’t put America back to work. It is a numbers game and the American people are being sold a bridge. Will they buy it?

I don’t think they will. Because even if that number is correct, the only jobs that the stimulus actually created was public work and government jobs. Many of those jobs aren’t even permanent like the 250,000 hired to handle the census. The rest are jobs that come with the baggage of pensions and inefficiency. Jobs that don’t create anything except a justification for their own existance. Jobs that suck the economy dry and remove the free from free market.

This ploy by the administration also comes on the heels of announcing a full-fledged promotion to prove they are pro-business. Yet every single aspect of the financial reform package and their attempt put government in charge of your personal life says the exact opposite. It is just more bizarro-world politics hell bent on delivering a message instead of results.

You would think that with unemployment still near 10%, banks refusing to loan, businesses cutting back and states facing bankruptcy, selling the stimulus’ success would be futile. Nope, not for our fearless “Salesman-in-chief!” He will stop at nothing to convince you how great socialism is.

If the economy is doing so well and the stimulus worked, then why are the Democrats asking for a second one? And if the jobs were pouring in and Wall Street was busting at their Gucci loafer seams, then there would be no need to sell success. The success would be palpable and the President’s ratings, especially among the independents that elected him, wouldn’t be plummeting.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t buy it. I don’t see how adding $2 trillion to our deficit in less than two years will turn things around. I don’t see how spending money we don’t have, to create absolutely nothing, will turn into profit.

Every time President Obama waves his wand with a new liberal pet-project he creates another crisis and destroys America’s confidence in him. In fact, he promised a restoration of that confidence on Inauguration Day, and all he has done since then is deconstruct your trust.

From using the recess to make a questionable appointment to the person leading the next chapter of our country’s healthcare, to giving unions even more power and strength, choking private industry, this President has made it clear that the democracy we have fought so hard to enjoy is no longer the way we do things in America.

What we have to realize is that the President isn’t selling you job creation or recovery. Nope. He is selling a redistribution of wealth and an entire deconstruction of capitalism. He is trying to make the argument that no matter how bad it is right now, it would be worse without government in our lives. That is like having a bully punch you in the face, then give you an ice pack and telling you how lucky you are to have him there to stop the swelling.

So when the man in the nice suit with a sharp tongue pops up on your TV screen today with an offer you can’t refuse, do what you do when a solicitor calls your house during dinner—say you’re not home and hang up!


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