Let Me Know When You Get It

One has to jack up one’s imagination to try to come up with dumber decisions from our flagrantly corrupt, out-of-control government than those occurring daily in America today.
Americans are tested more and more to convince ourselves that the rookie in chief, his Mao Tse-tung fan-club administration and gang of anti-American czars could possibly be that stupid or, horror of horrors, are in fact intentionally steering the good-ship America into the rocks.

How else to explain these developments:

• Appointing self avowed Marxists and Communists like Van Jones and Cass Sunstein et al. to be in charge of anything in America is clear and present treason from where I stand.

• Having your administration’s communications director look to Mao Tse-tung for philosophical direction is phenomenally crazy.

• Surrounding yourself with America-hating radicals like Bill Ayers, Rev. Jeremiah Wright and SEIU union gangsters shows us who you are.

• Praising the bizarre cult of ACORN and turning a blind eye to their criminal activities is the act of a collaborator.

• Accelerating a maniacal spending orgy as unaccountable debt piles up at unprecedented rates is economic suicide by any sane soul’s measure.

• Banning the development of America’s energy resources as our enemies hold us hostage is aiding and abetting those enemies.

• Appointing a self-claimed hater of the free market with promises of redistributing wealth to be in charge of Medicare, Medicaid and America’s new healthcare debacle is sabotage of the highest order.

• Suing Arizona for passing a law that simply enforces federal immigration laws while ignoring the criminal violations of sanctuary cities is the act of the enemy of the state, clearly siding with illegal invaders.

• Directing the Department of Justice to drop charges against Black Panther thugs caught on film breaking federal law is insubordination and dereliction of duty.

• Rudely alienating America’s top allies shows just which side you are on.

• Bailing out wildly wealthy, criminally irresponsible bankers and crony mortgage outfits without the permission of taxpayers is mutiny.

• Appointing racists Supreme Court justices is anti-American.

• Condemning police officers and rhetorically siding with a friend while admitting not knowing the facts in a case is unpresidential.

• Increasing welfare to your constituency in the face of runaway corruption and abuse is soulless pandering.

• Offering amnesty to illegal invaders is obvious voter baiting.

• Directing NASA to reach out to Muslims is illogical rookie 101.

• Ignoring the development of nuclear capability by America’s avowed No. 1 enemy is suicidal.

• Being praised by Russians and other Communists is an overt indicator that our enemies admire the direction of a weakening America.

• Increasing spending and taxes during an economic downturn is ignorant and dangerous.

• Tying the hands of America’s military to fight the war on terror is wantonly asking for trouble and will increase terrorist strongholds and their capability to attack us again.

• Burdening small businesses with more taxes and regulations makes America weaker, increases unemployment, reduces America’s productivity and strengthens our enemies.

That there are no patriots or statesmen in Congress blowing more whistles and raising more hell is more frightening than the violations of the President and his gang. With a soulless, unprofessional, grossly irresponsible lapdog media kow-towing to such egregious acts by the government which they are supposed to be watch-dogging, is as anti-American as it gets. That it has gotten this bad and this far without a meaningful response from anyone in government or the mainstream media is the worst-case scenario.

Thank God for Glenn Beck and Fox News. Thank God for Rush Limbaugh and much of talk radio. Thank God for the new Tea Party and Americans waking up to the inside job of Barak Hussein Obama and his evil destroyers of America.

November is varmint season, America. It is a target-rich environment. Vote the rats out. Clean house. Take America back.