Obama Plays the Race Card

The Obama Administration is playing the race card to win the November election and keep control of Congress.

The President who promised to “bring us together” acts now to fan the flames of racial division.

As every poll shows increasing disaffection among Obama 2008 voters, a desperate White House falls back on Alinsky 101—mobilize your supporters with a campaign of racial and class division and demonize, divide, and demoralize the opposition.

In just 18 months, Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform” America got translated into legislative “accomplishments” that nationalized health care, bailed out “fat cats,” spent nearly $1 trillion in a failed “stimulus,” and drove 2.5 million more Americans into unemployment.

New CBS and Bloomberg polls indicate that Americans are angry about the lack of progress in the economy. In the Bloomberg poll, 70 % want more focus on jobs and the economy and in the CBS Poll just 13% think that Obama has been good for America.

Do congressional Democrats plan to run on these accomplishments in November; hardly. They plan to play the race card.

It’s already happening. Connect the dots.

King Samir Shabazz, leader of the New Black Panther Party wields a club in front of a polling place in Philadelphia on Election Day 2008. Convicted of a Voting Rights Act violation during the waning months of the Bush Administration, Obama’s Atty. Gen. Eric Holder dropped the charges before sentencing.

Christian Adams, career Justice Department civil rights attorney, quit and blew the whistle on Holder’s Justice Department, where, says Adams, civil rights for whites will not be protected. He said he was told by one Obama political appointee in Justice, “It’s payback time”.

Shabazz is caught on tape urging blacks to “kill white babies”. The tape is ignored by the pro-Obama media while Mel Gibson’s racist rants are played ad nauseum

A white transit officer shoots and kills a black BART passenger in San Francisco. He is tried and convicted of manslaughter. Rioting breaks out in Oakland. Rioters break windows and loot stores, apparently demanding stiffer punishment. The rioters want the death penalty for a white cop killing a black civilian but still want to “Free Mumia,” a black man who killed a white cop. Eric Holder promptly announces a double-jeopardy “civil rights” prosecution of the white transit cop.

The attorney general last week also brought indictments against six police officers in New Orleans in the 2005 Danziger Bridge shooting case. The DOJ is making this a racially charged prosecution, despite the fact that three of the six police officers are themselves black. The DOJ has already pre-sold the prosecution as occurring along racial lines.

Michelle Obama gave her own race-baiting appeal to the annual convention of the NAACP. The message was clear: racial solidarity for the black President. WWMLKT—What Would Martin Luther King Think? Support a President because he is black and not because of the content of his character?

During the so-called Obama recovery, unemployment for blacks is at 16%, nearly twice the national number. There is silence from the NAACP on what really matters—jobs. But on race baiting, they are more than ready to help.

The NAACP resolved to condemn the state of Arizona as “racist” for passing SB1070, enforcing existing federal immigration law in Arizona. How better to do that than claim that enforcing existing immigration law is racist?

Then the NAACP condemns the Tea Party as “racist.” I certainly have trouble taking seriously any condemnation of racism in others from a group that has the phrase “colored people” in its title.

More troubling, the NAACP has obviously never read the Arizona law any more than Eric Holder or Janet Napolitano did before condemning it as “discriminatory” and “racist”. The law prohibits racial “profiling,” requiring that Arizona law enforcement ask about immigration status only when someone stopped for another crime is unable to produce valid U.S. identification. Only then is that individual handed over to federal officers to verify immigration status.

As for the Tea Party, never has a more peaceful, less racist group gathered in public. In support of the “racist” charge, the NAACP speakers alleged that “Lynch Obama” and “Lynch Holder” signs were displayed by Tea Party activists in rallies.

I have been to four Tea Party rallies and have never seen such signs or any sign that could be interpreted as “racist.” Signs depicting Obama as “Hitler” were supposedly displayed at some Tea Party rallies, but people waving those signs were plants from anti-Tea Party organizations that were quickly identified and asked to leave.

A black man was beaten at a Tea Party rally last year. He carried a sign protesting Obama policies and was beaten by a thug in an SEIU purple shirt. No “civil rights” investigation by Eric Holder to date.

Domestically, Obama and the Democrats understand one thing, their coalition has imploded and they are desperate to rebuild one, one sure fire way is to allege racism, it remains the one issue Democrats are still comfortably peddling.