Audio: The Passion of The Mel

In 1993, Mel Gibson played "The Man Without a Face."  But, as it turns out, Mel has many faces.  We have seen this phenomenon frequently as of late, in John Edwards, Tiger Woods, Al Gore, and now the man who won a Best Director Academy Award for "Braveheart."  Here is a man who made millions of dollars with thrillers and fun action films like "Lethal Weapon," "Signs," and "Ransom."  He channeled America’s patriotism with "We Were Soldiers" and "The Patriot," and even gave us the softer side of Mel in Nancy Meyers’ romantic hit, "What Women Want."  And under the surface, all the while, he was a total dirtbag.  In 2004, while the country was engaged in a presidential election pitting George W. Bush against Sen. John Kerry, Gibson released "The Passion of the Christ."  Hollywood turned on him, but the conservative media stepped up to defend the project and him.  That charity is now gone as well.  So, what’s next in the aftermath of the multiple Mel Gibson domestic maniac audio tapes that seem to drop every other day?  How about Mel the Martyr?  Now, while FRX runs out to Home Depot to grab a nail gun and a box of nails, click the player below and listen.