Hey Kirsten Powers, Those Black Men ARE Scary

Did you watch this exchange yesterday on Fox News?

“You just want people to come on [your show] and agree with what you have been doing? Completely like doing the ‘scary black man thing’ ya know? The man standing outside, it’s so horrible.”

Those are the words of Kirsten Powers a Fox News contributor on Megyn Kelly’s afternoon show.

Their exchange comes after a week of coverage concerning the DOJ dropping charges against members of the New Black Panthers who were — as seen on video — in paramilitary outfits intimidating voters outside of a polling site in Philadelphia on election day in 2008.

Hey Kirsten, guess what? Malik Zulu Shabazz and Jerry Jackson — the men outside the polling station — are scary. In fact they are just as scary as men in KKK robes would have been to black voters during the civil rights movement.

Comments like Power’s accusing Kelly of doing the “scary black man thing” are the type of talking points Democrats have been using to intimidate conservatives from speaking about racism for decades. It’s how they have kept alive the stereo type that conservatives are racists and it has worked. I too have remained silent on many occasions when confronted with reverse racism or even the issue of race all together.

I once used the term “blacks” instead of African Americans on Fox News and my own mother called me immediately, fearful that I might be labeled a racist. “You shouldn’t say that,” she said.

Why? They are not African? They are only American.

The hardest part to swallow is that I believe my generation is as close as it’s ever been to being “color blind.” I have friends, roommates, and co-workers of all cultures. Race among my inner circle is simply not an issue. But this could all change so quickly.

Unfortunately since President Barack Obama has been elected there is a particular population of blacks (encouraged by people like Michelle Obama) that feel that now is the time to “turn up the intensity,” and by choice have made race an even larger issue and segregated themselves.

The election of President Barack Obama was suppose to certify that America is now a nation of equality, but instead has incited more racism and hatred than ever before.

I applaud Megyn Kelly for speaking out against the New Black Panthers and their disgusting beliefs and encourage those who have been afraid to speak out against reverse racism to do the same. I also would have encouraged those who stood with Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass and Rosa Parks to speak out against the same kind of segregation and racism.

Frederick Douglass said “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” As we know many of the men in our nation are already broken when it comes to issues of race but the people of my generation can stay strong. Don’t let history repeat itself.