Miller Time: David Vitter Defends Knife-Wielding Staffer, Faces New GOP Primary

David Vitter In Hot Water

Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) is not only facing a GOP primary challenger this week, he’s also defending keeping a long-time aide on staff after pleading guilty to domestic violence.

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Former Louisiana Supreme Court Justice Chet Traylor announced Friday that he is running against Vitter for the Republican nomination. Traylor made the last-minute decision to run at the behest of fellow Republicans who want an alternative to the disgraced Vitter. “So many people want a different choice than what we’ve got right now," Traylor said. 

When Vitter’s cell phone number showed up in her black book of the so-called “D.C. Madam” in 2007, he admitted to a “very serious sin in my past.” The federal authorities busted the prostitution ring run by Deborah Jeane Palfrey, who committed suicide before trial. 

Vitter is also under fire by women’s groups for keeping Brent Furer on his government-paid, congressional staff after attacking his girlfriend in January 2008 with a knife, causing her to get eight stitches in her chin. Five days after Furer attacked her, Vitter suspended him without pay from his senate job. The unpaid suspension lasted all of five days.

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Furer pled guilty to three misdemeanor charges in D.C. Superior Court in April 2008. He was sentenced to 180 days in jail (suspended), two years probation, 40 hours of community service, and alcohol/drug treatment. After pleading guilty, Furer remained on Vitter’s senate staff—reportedly handling women’s issues, of all things—until two weeks ago, when the conviction was made public.

Furer has worked for Vitter in the Senate since 2005, earning from $25,333 -$54,791 in 2009. He has also been arrested for cocaine, road rage and at least three times for DWI.

Vitter has dodged questions on Furer, telling a local TV reporter that “I’ve responded and I really think this is desperate campaign tactics”
So why did Vitter keep Furer on his senate staff after the criminal conviction? Rumors have swirled in Washington that Furer was the conduit between Vitter and the D.C. Madam and other prostitutes. Furer’s attorney, Thomas J. Kelly, Jr. of Venable denies there is any truth to this reasoning. “I’ve never heard that at all,” Kelly tells HUMAN EVENTS. He says the DC Madam’s black book has been fully vetted, and “there’s no suggestion by anybody” that Furer is linked.

The Republican Louisiana primary for U.S. Senate is August 28.

Obama: Play golf or save the Gulf

The Republican Party has been very careful not to politicize the Gulf oil spill and President Obama’s reaction to it, letting the American people judge based on his actions alone. But even without politicization, Obama’s poll numbers have fallen, and even Democratic party leaders James Carville and Terry McAuliffe have criticized his response.

RNC spokesman Doug Heye tells HUMAN EVENTS that the GOP “had not said anything about the spill. No press releases, no tweets” from April 20 (when the oil rig exploded) until Obama met with BP executives.

But, after the meeting, the RNC responded by posting this video which give a clear timeline of the president’s actions in the Gulf. The video is now the RNC’s most watched of this election cycle. Watch:

“What we’ve seen so far from the president sets a bad tone — golf games, Beatles concerts and another vacation this weekend — meanwhile oil spews into the Gulf and the American people want the leak plugged,” Heye says.

To make this point, the RNC launched a website on Monday — “Play Golf or Save the Gulf?” –which asks readers: “Which 5 of the President’s leisure activities or missteps during this environmental disaster have made you the most angry?”

The interactive site allows Americans to chose from 13 “leisure activities or missteps” made by Obama since the BP spill. After sliding your five top choices to the list, you can then share them on Facebook and Twitter.


For my “Play Golf or Save the Gulf?” personal page, I chose these five options:

1. Instead of attending a memorial service for the eleven workers killed, Obama flew to California to raise funds for Barbara Boxer

2. Obama turned down 13 countries that offered to help us clean up the Gulf

3. Obama let 10 days pass before sending any Cabinet-level officials to Louisiana’s coast

4. Obama went golfing ten times since the explosion in the Gulf

5. Obama originally denied Louisiana officials permission to build up barrier islands between the coast’s marshes and the gulf

Heye says the purpose of the website is to “demonstrate that the administration’s nonchalant response to the greatest ecological disaster in our nation’s history is not working for the American people.”

David Axelrod Offending Black Men on Streets of D.C.

Obama advisor David Axelrod and attorney Donald Edmond walked past each other on a downtown street in D.C. on Sunday afternoon. Edmond was on his way to his law firm’s office when Axelrod “tried to greet me.” Axelrod was walking along N Street toward 15th with a “young, slender, tan brunette woman” around 2:40pm.

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Asked to describe the brief encounter with Axelrod, Edmond recalls it was the “awkward nod and smile assuming all black men heart Obama.” Edmond’s reaction to Axelrod’s attempted greeting: “I was having none of that.”

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