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Sens. Coburn and Barrasso Release 100-Day Obamacare Check-Up

The only two U.S. Senator physicians have released a blistering oversight report examining the first 100 days of Obamacare implementation.

Sens. Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-Okla.) and John Barrasso, M.D. (R-Wyo.) offer their expert, detailed assessment of the problems with the new law and the resulting disastrous consequences.

“As supporters of cost-effective, common-sense health reform, but staunch opponents of the legislation that passed Congress earlier this year, this report presents the American people with a check-up about the side effects and the implications of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as it begins to be implemented,” Coburn and Barrasso said in the report.  

Their report, entitled “Bad Medicine: A Check-Up on the New Federal Health Law,” is available in full at the link.

The report details:

•    Sixteen million Americans are forced into Medicaid, a program that denies care and yields lower health outcomes for patients, and for which there are minimal physicians to deliver care.
•    American citizens will be forced to purchase costlier health care or pay a tax; illegal immigrants will continue to get free care and those costs will be shifted onto Americans.
•    Uninsured Americans will now be considered violators of the law and could face harassment by the IRS.
•    The new health law increases the cost of health care and insurance.
•    Millions of Americans will lose their current health plan as employers either drop coverage or purchase more expensive, government-dictated health insurance.

Coburn and Barrasso write in their report:

“More than a year ago, our country began a national conversation about how to best reform our nation’s health care system.  We were both early advocates for real health reform that would lower costs, empower patients, and increase access. We proposed health reform ideas that would ensure all Americans had access to affordable coverage.”  

“The passage of the new law is a lost historic opportunity. However, we hope the American people will not give up on their desire for sustainable health reform but will hold their elected leaders accountable to work together to craft common-sense, bipartisan, step-by-step reforms. We believe that real reform begins with replacing the new law with sensible provisions that will lower costs, increase patient control, and put affordable, high quality coverage within the grasp of every American.”

“The intention of this report is to highlight some of problems with the law and its consequences. After 100 days after passage, the report reveals new information and goes through a litany of problems with this flawed legislation.”

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