Sen. Cornyn: Neutered by Kagan?

Texas Sen. John Cornyn, one of the few GOP senators who can normally be counted on to stand up for conservatism, has all but agreed to buy Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan a celebratory lunch once she’s confirmed.

Kagan is a documented enemy of the individual right to keep and bear arms, a self-described practitioner of judicial activism (she believes the Constitution has to evolve with the times), an attorney who views “equality” as paramount (particularly when that equality encompasses gay relationships like marriage), and a woman who refuses to admit whether she believes the government has the right to ban books based on their political content.

Yet Cornyn, on day three of Kagan’s confirmation hearings, said he was trying to ascertain what kind of justice she “will be” (such defeatist language almost always portends that it’s a foregone conclusion that the nominee “will be” confirmed).

And he even added: "My gut tells me that she will probably be a predictable member of the minority block" and also said, “I assume she will be confirmed.” 

Cornyn and all other Republican senators except Sen. Jeff Sessions (R.-Ala.) appear to be lying down on the ground in front of Kagan, a woman whom Rush Limbaugh has accurately described as a ideological caricature of Obama. Said Limbaugh: “She is Barack Obama.”

But last week, when reporters asked Cornyn if he will vote to confirm Kagan, he would only say: “I’m reserving judgment until all of the evidence is in.”

What more evidence does Cornyn need than what is widely known?

Kagan is hard on gun rights, soft on gay marriage, unwilling to say the government can’t ban books with which it disagrees, and open about her belief that Constitution has to change with the times because “we live in a world that’s very different from the world in which the framers lived.”

This is a woman who told senators – including Sen. Cornyn – that she doesn’t recognize rights as coming to us from nature, but coming to us by “settled law.”

In other words, whereas our Founders posited God as the fountain of liberty and the ultimate source of the rights outlined in the Bill of Rights, Kagan believes our rights are created by government and are limited to those that government sees fit for us to possess.

To call her views a slippery slope is to insult slippery slopes.

And where is Sen. Cornyn? Where is the talk of filibustering this nominee until the cows come home?

Both he and the talk of using a filibuster to keep this woman from destroying our Constitution are MIA.

Kagan has somehow neutered Cornyn so that he, and previously neutered Republican senators like Lindsey Graham, appear ready to concede Kagan a position on the highest court in the land even though she’s openly hostile to the Constitution of our nation.

And while we can still pray that something will cause Cornyn and the rest of the Republicans to man-up and fight for the Constitution by fighting against Kagan’s confirmation, it seems a safer bet to assume that the senator will just give Obama what he wants – which is another hard-left ideologue on the Supreme Court.