SCOTUS: Gun Clinging is Constitutional

“They cling to guns or religion… as a way to explain their frustrations.” — Barack Obama, 2008

20 blocks away from the Supreme Court, the lefty radicals inhabiting the offices at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. received a clear message: don’t even think about touching America’s guns.

Last week, the Supreme Court’s ruling overturned Mayor Richard Daley’s tyrannical handgun ban, but more subtly, these justices assembled a significant political barrier between the administration and any new gun restrictions.

Ever since the 2008 election, Americans clung tighter to their guns. Fear of  Obama’s anti-gun stances sent gun and ammunition sales skyrocketing. McDonald v. Chicago finally assuages these concerns, and gun owners everywhere ought to breathe a small sigh of relief.

The Supreme Court solidified an individual right to bear arms as included in the 2nd Amendment and Bill of Rights. Gun clinging is now institutionalized. The right always existed, but now it is court precedent — a monumental step. 

Many G&P readers probably wonder if even this strong signal will stop Obama from seeking to censure guns. After all, recalling the last State of the Union address, Obama’s given the equivalent of the middle finger to the court before.

Not this time.

Notice Obama’s silence. After Citizens United v. FEC, Obama came out swinging and promising new laws in spite of the court’s ruling. No such attempt has been made.

Obama is a politician. Yes, he’s a progressive, but no modern politician has the cojones to stand up to the Bill of Rights. 

Before last Monday, the court never affirmed that the individual right embedded in the 2nd Amendment existed. Liberals used the militia clause for years to weasel the language into being a selective, collective right. For now, that legal debate is over, and we won.

With Citizens United, Obama scapegoated corporations for political points, but opposing McDonald offers him nothing. Despite the quoted campaign statement, it’s tough to scapegoat normal Americans too many times before it comes back to bite you.

Obama will not stand up to a solid majority of Americans now backed up by the Supreme Court. Opposing the Bill of Rights, the Supreme Court, and the American people is political suicide. He’s got easier battles to face and other golf courses to play.

So gunners, feel hope. “Yes, we can” own hand guns. At least one branch of government has our back.

Our right to cling to our guns is safe for the foreseeable future. No need to buy guns in fear of Obama, but feel free to stock up in order to remind our friend in the White House of our continued dedication to Constitution.