Republicans Slam Obama for Suing Arizona

Congressional Republicans are issuing stinging rebukes of President Obama’s decision to sue the State of Arizona for enforcing the law.  A sampling from the leadership and the two Arizona senators.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell made the following statement Tuesday regarding the lawsuit filed against Arizona by the federal government:

“Suing the people of Arizona for attempting to do a job the federal government has utterly failed to execute will not help secure our borders.  If the President wants to make real progress on this issue, he can do so by taking amnesty off the table and focus his efforts on border and interior security.

“It is long past time for this administration to prioritize solving a crisis over imposing an agenda and the first step is to recognize that attorneys and amnesty are not acceptable alternatives to border security and job creation.”

House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) issued the following statement today following the Obama Administration’s decision to sue the state of Arizona for enforcing its immigration laws:

“The violence on America’s border is out of control, and the federal government isn’t doing its job. The people of Arizona have a right to enforce their own laws, especially if the federal government is failing to live up to its responsibilities. The federal government shouldn’t be suing Arizona – it should be helping Arizona, and other states, to stop the crime and lawlessness along the border.

“States have a right and a responsibility to ensure order and the safety of their citizens – especially when the federal government is asleep at the wheel.  Arizona has been waiting for the Obama Administration to secure the border and enforce our federal immigration laws, and they are still waiting.

“America is a nation of immigrants.  Throughout our history, we have grown and prospered because of the contributions of people from around the world who make their lives here.  We whole-heartedly support and encourage legal immigration to America and welcome the hard work and dedication that immigrants bring to our country.  However, the success of the American dream is also rooted in a respect for the rule of law and a nation that cannot control its borders cannot endure.”

U.S. Senators Jon Kyl and John McCain today made the following statement regarding reports the Obama Administration’s will sue Arizona over the state’s new immigration law:
“It is far too premature for the Obama Administration to challenge the legality of this new law since it has not yet been enforced.  Most legal experts believe such a “facial challenge” to the statute would be very difficult to win.   
“Moreover, the American people must wonder whether the Obama Administration is really committed to securing the border when it sues a state that is simply trying to protect its people by enforcing immigration law.
“Attorney General Holder speaks of the ‘federal government’s responsibility’ to enforce immigration laws; but what are the people of Arizona left to do when the federal government fails in its responsibility?
“The Obama Administration has not done everything it can do to protect the people of Arizona from the violence and crime illegal immigration brings to our state.   Until it does, the federal government should not be suing Arizona on the grounds that immigration enforcement is solely a federal responsibility.”