Couric Fawns over Far-Left "Feminists???

Katie Couric recently interviewed far-left feminist darling Gloria Steinem and the president of the left-wing Women’s Media Center, Jehmu Greene, for a @katiecouric segment titled “A Woman’s World?”

Before I begin, let’s take a moment to appreciate the diversity of thought Couric chose for her panel: two liberal, pro-abortion, conservative-bashing “feminists.” Now, don’t make any assumptions! I’m sure Marjorie Dannenfelser of the Susan B. Anthony List just wasn’t available.

Let’s recall that in September of 2008, Steinem authored an anti-Palin column for the Los Angeles Times titled “Wrong woman, wrong message,” in which she stated, “This isn’t the first time a boss has picked an unqualified woman just because she agrees with him and opposes everything most other women want and need.”

Later that month, in an interview with New York Magazine, she said that “even if Sarah Palin was better on the issues, the goal is not to elect Superwoman…having someone who looks like you and behaves like them —who looks like a friend but behaves like an adversary—is worse than having no one.” 

Founded in 2005 by Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan, and Gloria Steinem, the Women’s Media Center is a self-proclaimed “non-profit progressive women’s media organization.” Its partners include the Abortion Access Project, Media Matters, the National Organization for Women and Planned Parenthood. Jehmu Greene appeared on “The O’Reilly Factor” in January of 2010 and wrote a column for The Huffington Post voicing the objection of the Women’s Media Center to Focus on the Family’s Tim Tebow pro-life Super Bowl ad.

Now, back to the @katiecouric interview. Here are some interesting highlights (each followed by my commentary in parentheses):

1. Jehmu Greene: “If you look at just the acceptance of sexism in the media and especially with our female candidates, the levels of attacks and how it is accepted.… We saw in the 2008 presidential campaign the level of attack that Senator Clinton came under and without as much response and, for I think, the community to stop and say this is unacceptable.” (Hmmm, what’s missing from this picture? Eh, never mind. I guess Hillary was the only woman running in 2008 who faced media attacks.)

2. Couric posed this question: “Can you be a conservative feminist? Sarah Palin recently, I think, rankled some traditional feminists by calling herself a feminist. And despite the fact she doesn’t espouse many traditional feminist points of view.” (What does Couric consider to be “traditional feminist points of view ”? My guess is that pro-life “mother of feminism,” Mary Wollstonecraft, wouldn’t fit her description of a “traditional feminist.”)

Steinem interrupted with this: “Well, I mean, we’re free to call ourselves whatever we wish. But I think her calling herself a feminist has mostly to do with how many votes Hillary Clinton got in the presidential race…you can’t be a feminist who says that other women can’t [have an abortion] and criminalizes abortion… To make that criminal and dangerous is not a feminist act, and that is the position of Sarah Palin.” (Sarah, did you hear that? You want to make abortion criminal and dangerous. Gloria Steinem says so. Now dust off your Abortion Police uniform and get back to work.)

Greene added, “Well, clearly she [Sarah Palin] wants the government to intervene in family-planning decisions and to have the government come into my home or your home and make medical decisions for us.” (It was at this point that I began to wonder whether Steinem and Greene were terribly misinformed or trying to terribly misinform. Is it more disturbing to think that Greene actually believes Palin wants “to have the government come into my home” or to conclude that she understands Palin’s real assessment of abortion as a states’ rights issue and just wants to manipulate viewers? Also, I couldn’t help but wonder why Couric, who interviewed Palin in September of 2008 and knows her real stand on abortion, didn’t offer some truth. Now that’s a puzzler.)

3. Couric presented this question to Steinem and Greene: “Do you applaud these women who have progressed on or climbed the political ladder, even if their views—like Carly Fiorina, for example.”

Steinem declared that “I defend their right to be wrong.… The Republican Party saw how well Hillary Clinton did and is now fielding female candidates.” (That’s right, Gloria. We owe it all to Hillary. Forget that pro-life, constitutionalist, Alaskan hick with guns. I mean, has she ever even been to the Upper East Side?)

Greene added: “When women go in to cast those votes…they’re voting on where you stand on our rights, the same set of feminist sentiments, and are you for pro-equality as Gloria says, and I think that that will be a challenge for many of the conservative women who are trying to tap into the success of Secretary Clinton.” (Right again, Jehmu! We conservative women want to do equal work for lesser pay and to hell with those voting rights! They clearly get in the way of all our cooking and cleaning.)

Couric then stated that “there are many women out there who relate to and appreciate and applaud the politics of someone like Carly Fiorina or Sarah Palin or a variety of other Republican women.”

Steinem replied: “Those women, if they have access to information about the issues, and where these women stand, which is against, squarely against what most women need and want and say they need and want in majority public opinion polls. So, you know, if they still vote for them, they’re voting against themselves, which is quite tragic to me.” (Educate me, Gloria. Tell me what I need and want. Tell me how the government can give it to me. Tell me just how many hours I should work this week to help pay for someone else’s abortion.)

Ladies, it’s been fun! Gloria and Jehmu, have no fear—I’ll try to keep my right-wing, constitution-carrying, liberty-loving, pro-life feminist butt in check.